[SCRIPT] Target Rock Clusters v1.03

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[SCRIPT] Target Rock Clusters v1.03

Post by Bunny » Thu, 2. Aug 07, 00:14

Target Rock Clusters V1.03

What it does:
Targets the nearest rock cluster within scanner range using a hotkey.

Zip and spk bundle:
Hosted by Xai Corporation - Download

- Cycle through nearest ore, silicon and nividium rocks with the hotkey
(Makes finding nividum easier)
- The nearest collectable rocks will be targetted if the cargobay is open (shield down) when the key is pressed
- It locates rocks up to the limit of scanner range (mineral content is detected but not yield).

Required equipment:
Mineral scanner

Hotkey is removed by running uninstall.plugin.by.target.rocks

Debris objects are targetted which define a rock cluster - so the target point may appear in the space between rocks.

The target marker will only appear when within 5km, however the HUD will point out where this is at any range.

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