XBOX360 Controller guide

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XBOX360 Controller guide

Post by MonkeyNut » Fri, 29. Dec 06, 20:12

Well after reinstalling X3 today and reading so many great guides on these forums, I thought I should contribute! I spent the majority of the day getting my xbox360 controller to work correctly. Now it is working though I have to say I think it is excellent, the level of control thrashes my Joystick!

Please note: download and install files at your own risk, I am not the author of them and thus accept no responsibility for any damage caused.

1) Install the XBCD drivers and utility as per here: . This will give you a LOT more configuration options than the ones that come with the Microsoft drivers. For my setup I chose the profile 'Default Xbox 360 Config File with L and R triggers being 2 different digital Buttons not triggers' and the program 'ControlMK'.

2) Run ControlMK and set the following to allow the right stick to control strafe:
X Rotation- VK_A
X Rotation+ VK_D
Y_Rotation- VK_W
Y_Rotation+ VK_S

3) Setup the buttons in game:
Return->Options->controls->Create New Profile

These are my settings, having just setup today, please suggest any changes you think will be more useful!!

Tab: Controls
Joystick Sensitivity: 35%
Joystick dead-zone: 0%

Cockpit Controls:
Joystick 1 X-axis: Ship Yaw
Joystick 1 Y-axis: Ship Pitch
Joystick 2 X-axis: None
Joystick 2 Y-axis: None
Rudder / Z-axis: None
Throttle: None

Turret Controls:
Joystick 1 X-axis: Ship Yaw
Joystick 1 Y-axis: Ship Pitch
Joystick 2 X-axis: None
Joystick 2 Y-axis: None
Rudder / Z-axis: None
Throttle: None

Tab: Game
Flight Controls:
Roll Left: Left shoulder
Roll Right: Right shoulder
Accelerate: Y
Decelerate: B
Brake to Stop: X
Toggle Autopilot: DPad Down

Fire weapons: Right Trigger
Select Missile: Left Trigger
Launch Missile: Hold Left Trigger

Track Target: Hold A
Target nearest enemy: A
Target next enemy: DPad Right
Target previous enemy: DPad Left

Sector map: Hold Start
Galaxy map: Hold back

SETA time accelerator: Right Stick Click
Jump Drive: Hold Left Stick Click
Docking computer: DPad Up

Tab: Interface
Quick Menu: Start

Cancel/escape: back
Select option: A
Scroll Up: DPad Up
Scroll Down: DPad Down
Scroll Left: DPad Left
Scroll Right: DPad Right
Scroll Page Up: Y
Scroll Page Down: B

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Post by nips » Fri, 1. Jun 07, 08:03

Awesome post great work!

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Post by killuminati-ita » Fri, 1. Jun 07, 09:30

WoW indeed! Do you think i can use some or all of this setting even for a Logitech Gamepad??

THX! :)

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Post by Kludge420 » Thu, 29. Jul 10, 03:19

I'm really confused about this whole thing because according to EgoSoft the game supports dual joystick controllers like the Xbox 360' out of the box... and of course it does not.

Oh, and the driver pointed to here does not work (it presses several buttons at once) so I'm trying the Pinnacle deal.

Anyway thanks a LOT for the info. It really helped me figure out how to configure my controller.

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Post by paulms1980 » Thu, 30. Dec 10, 14:37

im looking for help geting a ps3 pad to work! without the six axis obviously
win 7 64bit

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Post by rittenhaus » Wed, 20. Mar 13, 19:20

There is a third party driver for PS3 controllers called MotionInJoy, but the developer is in China and many people are uncomfortable with the fact that it phones home to a server there, myself included. I tried it anyway and was not satisfied enough with the results to keep the driver. I have read of a few other methods for getting a dual shock controller to work but none that I've tried have been especially satisfactory. I will probably just buy a 360 controller soon myself.

I've been playing the Linux beta of X2: Reunion and noticed that the PS3 controller seems to be fully supported there and works just fine with X2. You probably don't want to install another OS to play X2, but I find it interesting that Linux supports some common hardware that Windows does not.

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Post by TTD » Wed, 20. Mar 13, 23:07

As Egosoft is working towards getting the newer controllers to work with X games more efficiently,( see other Egosoft posts), I may well decide to take this route.
The Steam "Big Picture" is designed to work with the 360,so I am eager to try that out.

Still think joystick,mouse and keyboard is probably better though.

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Thu, 21. Mar 13, 12:08

I think that a 2006 thread is not the best place for this debate when Egosoft are actively looking at back-porting other controller options to X3 games.
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