Should X be Multiplayer? (Poll) I wan't to make egosoft see how many people want this

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Should X be multiplayer?

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Should X be Multiplayer? (Poll) I wan't to make egosoft see how many people want this

Post by blazer1121 » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 08:04

Do you want X to be multiplayer?

But don't take anything about how hard it would be, money, etc into consideration.. JUST "do you want it multiplayer?"

That's it, simple isn't it?

Hopefully egosoft'll see the results and act acordingly. :)

Well it looks like I can't modify the poll, but yes, what I meant was, a choice between LAN and Internet, or single player.
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sneakey pete
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Post by sneakey pete » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 08:05

Yes, i wan't to share my universe with noobs yelling 'free cred's plz!!111one' ect., then be killed by some vet with a battleship for no reason at all.

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Post by SmEh » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 08:14

I'd prefer that it stay single player. I just don't want to have to deal with idiots in a game as complicated as X3.
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Post by Marijn » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 08:21

i'm not really a fan of multiplayer thing. Sure it's a fun addon but i think the game should be singleplayer first.
For me X plays like a book, i can pick it up when i've got time and put it down when i'm busy. No need to keep logging in to keep my ships or keep my skill.

Wip3out (Bru)
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Post by Wip3out (Bru) » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 08:47

He means multiplayer like at a LAN. Not Online.
This way only you and your friends have to play.

Edit the poll and say specific if you want it lan-able or online. I definitely want it lan-able (Me blowes up my friends! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ) but not online.

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Serial Kicked
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Post by Serial Kicked » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 09:07

Hopefully egosoft'll see the results and act acordingly
Yes [1]
No [5]
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Post by Nanook » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 09:38

You want multiplayer? Go play EVE Online. :roll:

Multiplayer X3/4. YUCK!! :P
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sneakey pete
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Post by sneakey pete » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 09:43

the entire X series just isn't somethign that you make online. why? because we can't have everyone owning stations easily on an online game where you could easily destroy a station. I mean, what would be to stop me from getting a M2 and just blowing the liveing c**p out of a bunch of newbie's stations?
How to fix that kinda thing? make it all tightly controled and stuff like in EVE. Now, what i really like are games where you can do what ever you wan't (i'm talking about online games) where there's no restrictions on what you can do or who you can attack. None of this crap that insures you can't really loose anything if you ever get attacked.
Nanook wrote:You want multiplayer? Go play EVE Online. :roll:
or infinity infinity [/plug]

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Post by Llothlian » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 10:14

An X MMO may work, but I doubt it. I would much rather them work on single player than multi player. Voted a big NO.

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Post by BDStyle » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 11:01

stick to single player :) I play enough mmporgs with whiners and i come to x3 to get my lone space cowboy kicks :)

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Post by domin-X » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 11:06

If multiplayer was incorporated with the X series it would slow the game down far too much and no one would fly anything other than the M5 class ship... imagine trying to cross a large and busy sector at 40m/s... with no SETA!!!


Games with no time distortion would work fine and i am usually all up for playing against real intelligence (rather than Artificial Idiots) but i simply wouldnt play a game where it could take 40 mins just to cross one sector with the chance of gettin blown up and not being able to load from a previous save, or when your retarded freighters take an unscheduled detour through hostile sectors without you knowing it.

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Post by BlackRazor » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 11:08

Single player only please.
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Re: Should X be Multiplayer? (Poll) I wan't to make egosoft see how many people want this

Post by Etolf » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 11:37

blazer1121 wrote:
Hopefully egosoft'll see the results and act acordingly. :)
agreed... it's rather overwhelming isn't it? (at time of this posting 19-1 for single player only)

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Post by Remodrumking » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 11:58

X3/X4 online would be just as annoying as any other MMO, they'd be some guy who always beats down on you. Lol. :cry:

I used to play EVE online, it was just loads of people trying to score free stuff. Take it from me, X3 is waaaaay better off on single player.

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Re: Should X be Multiplayer? (Poll) I wan't to make egosoft see how many people want

Post by CBJ » Tue, 7. Nov 06, 12:20

blazer1121 wrote:Hopefully egosoft'll see the results and act acordingly.
As has been explained any number of times, it has never been a question of whether people want multiplayer or not. The issue has always been about about the time and cost of development, and finding a backer prepared to put that kind of money up front. I very much doubt that Egosoft would abandon the players who want to play single-player games in the X-Universe anyway, but voting on it isn't going to change anything at all.


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