[SCRIPT] Matter Generator uploaded

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[SCRIPT] Matter Generator uploaded

Post by euclid » Wed, 25. Oct 06, 14:27

For 10,000 Credits plus 100,000 Credits per yield the matter generator spawns an asteroid of either type Ore, Silicon or Nividium at a selected position.


Copy the 447005.xml into the t folder, and copy the MatterGenerator.xml and the Setup.mattergenerator.xml into the script folder.


You will find a new option under special command of your ship. Select the location with numpad, then the type (0 for Ore, 1 for Silicon and 2 for Nividium) and the yield. A message will be send to your log.


Thanks to Jakesnake5 for hosting !

Enjoy !

Cheers Euclid

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Post by exelsiar » Mon, 29. Jan 07, 18:51

now this is EXACTLY the sorta script i was after
thank yee VERY much

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Post by LV » Mon, 29. Jan 07, 20:57

Nice idea :thumb_up:

If you looking to move it from cheat to semi-balanced may i suggest that you have a long spawn time/% possibility of failure/better chance in certain sectors and a variable yield on spawning.

Other than that, nice idea although the script title could do with indicating that it creates roids ;)
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Post by fud » Mon, 29. Jan 07, 21:07

Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I made an asteroid creation script as well (tho it was about 10 months ago), which uses command slot 543....

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Post by saw424 » Thu, 20. Aug 09, 05:22

Just a thought, rather then just being able to spawn an asteroid out of credits maybe their should be some ore used from the cargo hold each time.

That or an item that compresses an asteroid into a TL for relocation. I would be happy to just be able to move an asteroid or two to a nice empty sector where i can set up a complex.
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