[SCRIPT] Combat Commands plugin

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[SCRIPT] Combat Commands plugin

Post by moggy2 » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 00:46

Download: http://www.xai-corp.net/project/XaiCorp-CC

Fighters and Capital ships with the ''Fight Command Software Mk2'' installed will have 2 new fight commands:
  1. Attack Big Ships
    -This is a variation on the ''Attack all enemies'' command that will pick the M6's and bigger ships in the group before turning on the fighters.
  2. Defend Position
    -The ship will fly to the specified position then wait until it spots an enemy ship with 10km of the position. The ship will then attack all enemies within 10km then return to within 5km of the position to wait for more targets.

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Post by ORIOLE » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 09:54

Thank you very much moggy2. I enjoy Xai-Corp's scripts they are rock solid :D

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Post by Klyith » Wed, 14. Mar 07, 19:20

Heh heh heh... I've been using this script forever, but just installed the "Attack target of" script as well. The two are incompatible -- both are your own scripts, moggy, shame on you! ;)

Anyways, currently:
COMBAT_26 = Attack Target of
COMBAT_26 = Attack Big Ships
COMBAT_27 = Defend Position

If you do an update, could you make it:
COMBAT_26 = Attack Target of
COMBAT_27 = Attack Big Ships
COMBAT_28 = Defend Position
(since that's what I've done myself for a quick fix)

Or ignore it, seeing as I'm the only one who's found the problem so far... :D

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Post by madcaddie » Sun, 10. Jun 07, 07:47

I really like this script would it be possible to modify it so that it is active on every ship ingame? Let me explain. I do not want PPCs fire at anything smaller then an M6 unless its moving very slowly as its rather absurd for a cap ship to open up with every PPC when they have no chance to hit an M5 moving at 300+. Only the turrets fitted with AHEPTs or smaller should be firing at fighters in combat. Likewise BHEPTs and up should only be aiming at M6s and anything bigger. This would also have an added benefit of keeping your FPS up to.

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