[SCRIPT] SCX: Squadron Command Extension (20/04/2007)

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[SCRIPT] SCX: Squadron Command Extension (20/04/2007)

Post by voxol » Fri, 18. Aug 06, 05:08

SCX: Squadron Command Extension
by Voxol

Finally, you can put your tactical genious to work on the battlefield! With this script you can assign ships from a carrier to a squadron using a unique identifier in the ship names. From then on any command you give to one member of a squadron gets passed to the other members. The functioning is, however, limited to standard basic commands, such as Follow, Attack, etc. More details are in the readme below.


See towards the end of the readme below for a quick-start example of how this script can be useful.

Readme follows:

Code: Select all

Name:		SCX: Squadron Command Extension
Version:	V1.3
Author:	Voxol
Updated:	20/04/2007

A long-overdue feature of X3 is now available - the Squadron Command Extension (SCX).  With this script you can easily assign a ship to a squadron, and from then on any command you give to any member of the squadron will be sent to the other squadron members.  However, there are limitations (discussed below).

- Ships belonging to the same squadron must have the same carrier set as homebase.

- Ships in the same squadron must have a unique identifier enclosed in '/' and '\'.  It should not matter where this identifier is in the name, but I would recommend put it at the beginning.  For example '/1\Argon Buster'.

- In a carriers 'General' menu you will now have two new commands: 

'SCX: Toggle Squadrons On/Off':
This will enable command passing between squadron members that have this carrier set as their homebase.  A message in your logbook will indicate whether it is on/off.  Once active, whenever you give a command to one of the ships in the same squadron, the whole squadron will be set to the same command.

'SCX: Prefix Docked Ship Names':
This is a utility command that will prefix the names of docked ships with an identifier.  It will also set the ships homebase to be the carrier:
- You will be asked for the identifier, enter whatever alphanumeric identifier you want, e.g. 'Bob', '1', etc.
- You will then be asked for a number.  This number is the amount of ships you want to prefix (or 0 for all docked ships).
- The choice of prefixed ships is arbitrary, so make sure you only have the ships docked that you want to prefix.  
- Once prefixed, order the squadron to undock before prefixing more with this command, as you could end up prefixing the same ships twice (only the first identifier in the name is used).

- Limitations: Stock commands such as Move To Position; Buy Ware; Jump To Sector - do not work.  Custom commands that are well written should work, but many will not - try them and see (and let me know).  The script should catch a failure and send you a message if you use an incompatible command.

I have a Zeus filled with Novas each with equal loadout.  Zeus quite neatly has 42 docking ports, so I figure 7x squadrons of 6 fighters each.

1) Enable by 'SCX: Toggle Squadrons On/Off'.

2) Use 'SCX: Prefix Docked Ship Names' and enter 'L', then '7'.  This will prefix 7 Novas with '/L\'.

3) Order any of the '/L\Nova' ships to undock and they will all undock - leaving 35 Novas docked.

4) Use 'SCX: Prefix Docked Ship Names' and enter '1', then '5'.  This will prefix 5 Novas with '/1\'.

5) Order any one of the prefixed '/1\Nova' ships to Protect a single '/L\Nova'.  All the prefixed ships will undock and move into formation with selected '/L\Nova' as lead.

6) Repeat from (4) another 6 times, incrementing the prefix to create /2\, /3\, ..., /7\  squadrons.

7) You now have 7 squadrons, each with a '/L\' prefixed lead ship.  Order any one of the '/L\' ships to attack something and all 7 wings will move to engage the same target, but in 7 seperate formations.

Pretty cool, huh?


Change log:

- Fixed docking bug.
- Changed 'SCX: Prefix Docked Ship Names' to ask for number of ships to prefix instead of prefixing all of them.

- Changed error message and made it and less invasive (just writes to logbook rather than sending a message)

- Altered things a litte to help overcome problem of valid commands being rejected.

- Initial release.



Language file: 8750
Text page:  8750

<t id="845">COMMAND_TYPE_GENERAL_45</t>
<t id="846">COMMAND_TYPE_GENERAL_46</t>

Let me know what you all think.

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Post by Skiddings » Fri, 18. Aug 06, 14:30

This sounds fantastic!
I'll give it a bash, see how it goes.

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Post by voxol » Sat, 19. Aug 06, 17:54

Anyone any comments before I ask this to be put in the sticky? Also added poll if you're too shy...

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Post by D_Zorro » Thu, 31. Aug 06, 16:02

Will try it out alwayes on the look out for new squad commands. :D
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Jimmy Jazz
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Post by Jimmy Jazz » Sat, 18. Nov 06, 18:06

Great, I really missed easy to use squadron commands. One suggestion, in X2 there was a script called marks fighter commands. With this script you could put a squadron on standby. As soon as enemies entered the scanner range the squadron launched from its carrier and attacked the enemy. Was simply great, would love to see this again.
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The Shadow Wolf
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Post by The Shadow Wolf » Mon, 27. Nov 06, 00:39

How do you know which ship is the lead ship??
and how do you identify this ship through renaming??
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Post by voxol » Mon, 27. Nov 06, 04:05

The Shadow Wolf wrote:How do you know which ship is the lead ship??
and how do you identify this ship through renaming??
There is no lead ship as such, all ships just transmit any command you give them to the others. They will not stay in formation, is basically what you're getting at I think. What you can do is assign a squadron to protect a ship and they will form up on that. E.g.

/LEAD\Your Centaur
/1\Your Nova
/1\Your Nova
/1\Your Nova

/LEAD\Your Nemesis
/2\Your Mamba
/2\Your Mamba
/2\Your Mamba

Tell one of the /1\ ships to protect the Centaur, then one of the /2\ ships to protect the Nemesis. Now you can order either of the /LEAD\ ships to attack something and both will start to attack, with their respective fighters protecting them. I'm sure you can imagine more combinations than this simple setup.

Its a shame that stock X3 comes with so few wingman commands available, even though they do exist in the engine. I believe there are a few scripts that enable them for usage, but I have no idea which will work and which dont (if they are coded well they should work). If anyone can recommend scripts that work with this, I would be most appreciative.

As for commanding fighters out of a carrier to attack automatically, I believe Anarkis Carrier Commands has a whole host of functionality on that score... I use it a lot personally, but I wanted to supplement with better control of individual squadrons, rather than the 'all or nothing' of ACC.

One feature that I was thinking of adding to this was allowing multiple identifiers in the name so that hierarchical commands could be given, e.g. on a global level all fighters attack a station, but then you can pull some fighters off to attack something else, after which they will go back to doing what the global level group is doing.

Anyway, hope this helps, and as always, feedback is much appreciated.

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Post by nailz45 » Thu, 1. Mar 07, 20:02

this sounds great. one of the major problems im running into when fighting with squadrons is giving them orders. when im in the middle of a dogfight i dont have a lot of time to give commands. this would really help when i need my squadrons to focus on certian enemies. i look forword to seeing some updates for this script.
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Demon Dave
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Post by Demon Dave » Wed, 28. Mar 07, 00:02

I'm having a little trouble with this script. I've installed it using the Cycrow's X Script Installer, but none of the SCX commands are showing up in my carriers General menu :?

EDIT: Never mind, it randomly started working last night

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Post by voxol » Sat, 21. Apr 07, 01:00


- Docking bug fixed.
- 'SCX: Prefixed Docked Ship Names' now asks for amount of ships to prefix (also sets carrier as homebase if not already).
- Updated readme: hopefully a bit more obvious just how useful this script can be (its a lifesaver, even if I do say so myself, which I do).

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Post by Gazz » Sat, 21. Apr 07, 15:13

Limitations: Stock commands such as Move To Position; Buy Ware; Jump To Sector - do not work. Custom commands that are well written should work, but many will not
Well, which commands ARE implemented?

I saw no obvious list for those and that would be what the script does for the user.
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Post by voxol » Sat, 21. Apr 07, 17:35

As mentioned in the OP, most basic commands work (it uses the same functioning as the SIGNAL_KILLED does for passing command from dead formation leader to new formation leader)

So, e.g. Attack All, Attack, Protect, Follow... all work. Also, I've tested it with Attack Target Of, which works nicely and is particularly useful (but you need a seperate script, I think by Xai).

There is no 'implementation' of commands as such, it uses the built-in stock commands and passes them between all squadron members.

If you come across a custom command (i.e. one you downloaded) that works/doesnt work please post here and I can build a compatibility list. But theres just so many, and 99% of the time the only commands you will need to use are the basic attack and wingman commands.

Hmm, I thought I'd explained this pretty much in the OP and readme, if not let me know and i'll rewrite.

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Post by Resheph » Sat, 9. Feb 08, 11:23

I just want to ask if the commands for the SCX HAVE to be in general commands, becouse they collide with LV scrips overwriting 2 most used ones...
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Command conflict

Post by GICorp » Sun, 31. Jan 10, 15:25

Hey I just started playing X3 again and I got your script but it conflicts with 2 of LV's cheat commands. The supertune and add ware commands I believe. I tried to change the t-file but it didn't work. Is there a way to change it so it dosen't conflict? Maybe move the commands to the custom menu?
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