[SCRIPT] Station Upgrades Framework

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[SCRIPT] Station Upgrades Framework

Post by moggy2 » Mon, 10. Jul 06, 04:32

Title: Station Upgrades Framework
Author: Xai Corporation
Download: http://www.xai-corp.net/project/SUFramework
A framework for installing station software upgrades

I originally released this with the Station Commands Suite but have decided that it might be more usefull on it's own. It's easy for other developers to use this script to add their own scripts to the list of "software upgrades" that can be purchased for stations.
A framework for installing station software upgrades, the Station Commands Suite from Xai Corporation provides a mechanism for station commands to be bound to software upgrades which are required to be purchased. The framework also allows for the addition of new commands and software upgrades form new scripts without needing to update the core scripts.

To install software upgrades to a station, run the command Install Station software. This will send a message to you with a list of all the available software along with their descriptions and price. You can then chose the software to install

New software can be added to the brochure without having to modify the framework scripts.
Scripts that use the Framework ----
TextFile/Page 7252
Command: Station_63

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Post by rubberman » Mon, 10. Jul 06, 20:24


It appears the Zip when downloaded is Empty

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Post by moggy2 » Mon, 10. Jul 06, 20:41



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Post by Streaks » Wed, 13. Dec 06, 07:51

Good day Dr. X.

The link below leads to a discussion of a bug I encountered when I tried several scripts, including your Ultimate Commands Package that has the Station Command Suite.

Several people from the official X3 Scripts and Modding Forum and I have been discussing what possible script could make me turn from Petty Financier to Tycoon with an instant 2 billion creds a few seconds after such a promotion.

eladan and arcana suspected Cycrow's Salvage Insurance Contract script and your Advance Money Transfer script. The SIC script made sense because I did just buy 50 Salvage insurances from the Goner Temple. before encountering the bug a few SETA moments later.

Read the link for my results with said scripts.


After fintoozler suggested something in the thread above, I remembered that I got both the "Match Local Price" and "Variable Price Manager" for my one and only station, an Ore Mine L alpha. However, I only used the Match Local Price. I monitored my station as it dynamically changed the price of my ore for sale...from 0 creds to
-5 creds.

I am wondering what could happen if an NPC trader docked and bought my ore at such a price...which should mean that I am PAYING the NPC to get my ore...which is riddiculous. I am not running a charity with my Ore Mine.

I am not a scripter, but I swear that the above information is true. If you could join us in the thread and give us your input, it will be very much appreciated.

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Post by (----____JEFF____----) » Tue, 4. Sep 07, 21:00

moggy2 is there any way to change the command: station_63 too station_47 (or any other unused slot)? I don't know much about scripting in X3 so a little help is appreciated ;)
I would like to know this because I would like to use the Ship Repair Facility. I'm all ready running the Economics and Supply trader, but that and the Station Upgrades Framework have a conflict.

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Post by Emil » Sat, 20. Oct 07, 07:03

Really bad, I can't access the address.....

“The requested URL could not be retrieved”

Can I find this at another place?

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Post by Emil » Sat, 20. Oct 07, 07:18

Perhaps maintaining...I got it at last. :roll:

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Post by exqueletor » Thu, 8. Jan 09, 03:27

In English:
Somebody can explain or publish an example to me of how is to modify file XML to be able to install the new software in the selected station?

Note: Excuses if not entienede much, but my English is not good.

En Español:
Alguien me puede explicar o publicar un ejemplo de cómo hay que modificar el archivo XML para que aparezca un listado de software para poder instalarlos en la estación seleccionada?

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