[ALPLUGIN] Xenon Migration V1.40 : Update 09/01/2007

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Shannon Maricle
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Post by Shannon Maricle » Sun, 30. Mar 08, 18:39

Thanks much guys! Got it....and loving it.

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Post by Phier » Sat, 26. Apr 08, 06:06

Having a bit of an issue with this I think.

Started a new XTM game, installed Xenon Migration and set it to auto difficulty.

Seemed to be working fine, I was getting mostly ships to scale plate green, the biggest would be a P raider. Now and then I'd get an N convoy or a M3 group in the other Xenon adjacent sectors.

I thought I'd bump it up to hard (I am at assassin level and wanted to try some bigger spawns with my M3 wing) and if anything I got less convoys, nothing bigger than a raider P.

So I bump it up to extreme. I get the same.

For fun I went into the Xenon sector next to SPG and started to attack with station with my M3 wing, finally a new Xenon convoy showed up on its way to scale plate green, but it was just 2 P raiders, a few LX's L's M's.

Based on everyone else's description of extreme, this isn't right :(

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Post by Sandalpocalypse » Sat, 31. May 08, 03:16

Try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Mind that in XTM there's the big cluster of xenon sectors and stations, which will probably reduce the number of xenon convoys you see.

AFAIK, P Raiders patrols are not part of the migration script.

Also bear in mind that xenon convoys only spawn intermittently.

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cycrows x3 reunion xenon migration do not work

Post by gtstyling32 » Fri, 20. Jan 12, 21:26

:evil: i dont see the plugin in artifcial settings. how do i get it to work

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Post by Turnus » Thu, 31. May 12, 16:25

Stupid question is there a TC compatible version?

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Post by MarkWD » Sat, 8. Sep 12, 09:57

Hello all.

I have X3 updated to V.2.5 and the XTM 0.7.5 installed (I noticed I do not need to install the EMP (Extended Mod Package) because XTC already includes it).

I just installed via Plugin Manager the "Xenon Migration" mod, but in the AI settings, I notice a "ReadText7546-1" instead oif the "Xenon Migration" text. As well, I receive a "ReadText" message instead of the text message asking for the difficulty choice.

How can I fix this?

Note that I installed the "Xenon Shipyard" mod too and the result is the same, ReadText. I also have "Advanced Jumpdrive" and "Yaki and Missiles" plugins installed and they work fine.

Thank you in advance for any kind reply.
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Post by matic » Sun, 30. Oct 16, 13:13

Hi, sorry to bother you :) ... there are no working links at the moment ...

Thank you in advance

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sun, 30. Oct 16, 18:11

I fixed the main website links in the opening post.
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