Nova in Maelstrom?

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Nova in Maelstrom?

Post by wolfmanz » Mon, 17. Apr 06, 00:32

I read about their being a Nova hidden somewhere in Maelstrom? I have found the West gate easy enough but not the Nova or have I got that wrong??
I am in a Split Jaguar Raider which really hauls ass so can outrun the pirates.
A little assistance Gentlemen please!?

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Post by apricotslice » Mon, 17. Apr 06, 01:30

Its not there, but 2 sectors away in unknown space.

Crimson Tears
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Post by Crimson Tears » Mon, 17. Apr 06, 08:43

To find the Nova...
Go through the West gate in Maelstrom at -181,0,0 then go through the gate in that first unknown sector at -36,0,-60 to reach the second unknown sector. The Nova is at -12,1,19 near the Asteriod, But mind the mines on the way back out. :wink:

anthony clark
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jump drive

Post by anthony clark » Mon, 17. Apr 06, 22:41

maybe better to take a discovery with a jump drive and some energy cells and a transporter because the nova is very slow about 50 ks until u ugrade the speed. transport the jump drive, energy cells and nav 1 software (allows jump drive) over th nova and jump it to a safe sector, lot of pirates around

hope it helps m8


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