[S] Station-Exterior Warehouse V 1.5.0 [18.07.07]

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[S] Station-Exterior Warehouse V 1.5.0 [18.07.07]

Post by Blacky_BPG » Thu, 2. Mar 06, 20:33

Version 1.5.0
Date: 18.07.2007

Original German Topic


For everyone who don't like it that in a station the cargospace for some products only of 2 or 4 units, the teladian engineer go all out for something.
Thanks to the engineer and the new improved compression technology one can keep now besides 500 once so much products in the exterior warehouse of the station.

Ok, to the Script:
The files (in the ZIP archive) appertain just the same as they are, therefore with files, into your X³ root directory (for example: C:\Program Files\Egosoft\X3 Reunion).
After that the scripts and text files are unpacked all there where they belong and it can start/load a game.
Even more simply is Cycrow's X-Scripts Manager, you can load the X scripts Installer version for this purpose.

How does it work:
  • You need a activated Scripteditor! (it is going also differently, to check for this purpose once in Lucike's script threads in the EGOSOFT forum)
  • now you have 2 new Commands in the Commandslot in a Dock (Tradestation, Equipmentdock) and Headquarter
A small advice:
When one has built up the headquarters as A "head" of a megacomplex (like me -> 56 stations), then also the warehouse capacity of the entire complex increases itself.
The warehouse capacity of the exterior warehouse will never climb however about a maximum of Sometime also the exterior warehouse is full !

Another smal advice:
As a matter of course 25.000 units are not brought into the exterior warehouse with 50.000 units capacity in the station at the same time, it already his time lasts, little by little the 25.000 units are relocated.
If only a product is worked off the next one for the relocation stands, provided that necessary.
It can absolutely last therefore with megacomplexes until all products into the exterior warehouse are transferred, in particular then if continuously is reproduced and this very swift.

  • Cost script fixed, the scripts closed after 1 hour after deactivate the ExWH (1.4.2)[/color]
  • Cost script fixed, the display was ok but no booking (1.4.1)
  • Cost display options changed - now with automatic for all warhouses (1.4.1)
  • at now the Exterior Warehouse has a StoreManager, he became Credits for working !!! (1.4.0)
  • configurable Min and Max Values for Wares in the Station (1.4.0)
  • Exterior Warehouse available in the 2.x.x.x Headquarter (1.4.0)
  • Redesign of complete Scriptset (1.4.0)
  • Exterior-Warehouse available in Complexes (1.2a)

The old version you can simply overwrite!
No fear, no of the paged out products disappears !!!


Following Options available:
  1. Activate Exterior Warehouse
    The exterior warehouse is activated, mentioned also external depot.
    After the activation the software scans automatically the station for products, no product itself has to be added, everything what is in the station is considered.
    There is not also any limit of the number at products. Therefore if somebody wants to use his equipment dock as depots so he can do that without limit.
    The warehouse capacity of the exterior warehouse conducts in 500 once more than in the station can store, for example microchips can be laid in in a station of merely 20 units,
    the exterior warehouse can store then 10.000 units microchips accordingly.
    The software will leave the half of the product in the station to trading. If something is taken from the station and this product still is on-stock in the exterior warehouse the stop again half fills.
    Everything what exceeds the half is relocated into the exterior warehouse.
    The high and low limits of the station wares you must now configure at start the Exterior-Warehouse.
    The first value is the minimum stock (in per cent) on the station. The second therefore the maximum stock (in per cent). Both values also can have the same value, the Store-Manager then will keep the station stock on a firm level. An automatic system function also can be used to this the automatic system function must be entered only at at least one of the values (min or max) to-1 , then becomes effective.
    This can insignificantly about the price of the product being adjusted. Lies the price of the product below the medium price will leave the possible crowd merely 1/8 on the station it is over the middle one
    Praise 7/8 will remain in the station. Special cases the trade stations, equipment docks and the headquarters form here, there is with the automatic system function here
    instead of 1/8 0 goods and instead of 7/8 the maximum. Applies to the two cases, is exact on the middle price level the price the station store becomes the half the possible
    Taking hold of wares.
  2. Exterior Warehouse Report
    This command will cause the station workers to carrying out a stocktaking and the laid in products in the exterior warehouse are to be spent in a report.
The Store-Manager will take Credits for working on your Station as soon as the exterior warehouse was activated. If you deactivate it he will close the warehouse and fly home. The wares in the warehouse remain there, are closed away, but not lost.
Credit calculation for the Store-Manager

Code: Select all

Basic 		            500 Cr. (if no wares are in the station or this value is not reached)
Freightclass S		      4 Cr. x Freightvolume
Freightclass M		      8 Cr. x Freightvolume
Freightclass L		     12 Cr. x Freightvolume
Freightclass XL		    16 Cr. x Freightvolume
Freightclass unknown	  20 Cr. x Freightvolume
Gamma PPC - Freightclass XL - Freightvolume 150 -> 2400 Cr. per Hour
125 MJ Shield - Freightclass L - Freightvolume 25 -> 300 Cr. per Hour

In principle, is valid: the goods more sensitively and more greatly are ever, all the more expensive the StoreManager gets he for his part takes the risk and the responsibility there.


Current Version:
Station-Exterior-Warehouse 1.5.0
Station-Exterior-Warehouse 1.5.0 X-Script Installer (with Updatefunction)
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Post by Deta7 » Tue, 2. May 06, 08:25

Hi Blacky,

looks nice to me, I'll give it a shot, Thank you!

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Post by Yellowman » Tue, 2. May 06, 10:15

ahhh nice i will try it. And your right i was tired of only storage 2 1 gig shields in my EQ.

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Post by fud » Tue, 2. May 06, 14:11

So, this will basically allow your EQ dock to act like a big ship with an open cargo bay? Just trying to get the idea.

Stevo Primus
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Post by Stevo Primus » Tue, 2. May 06, 23:36

S'right fud! Only the capacity of your EQ doesn't change!! So you might have 100 x 1G shields in stock but your EQ will show only 1(50% of capacity) in stock. But you can dock a ship there and remove/install as many 1G shields as you need, sadly only one at a time (as in effect that's all you've got available until you remove one!)

The idea works well in theory, but is only really suitable for low value wares.

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Post by fud » Wed, 3. May 06, 00:16

Hmmm. Still tho, if you could dock a biggie there (at an EQ dock), it could essentially pick up everything it needed, shields, weapons, etc, etc. It's a start.

Better than calling in a freighter from a complex than transporting yourself to the freighter, then transporting equipment to the other ship.


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Post by B-O'F » Wed, 3. May 06, 01:06

Hi fud,

This script is rather handy, but I found that it was too slow getting goods out of the warehouse (about 3 secs to replenish stocks) so I modified it, now replenishes instantly....

Code: Select all

051  while $d < $warehouse.size
052	$warehouse.in = $warehouse[$d]
053	  inc $d = 
054	  $warehouse.ware = $warehouse[$d]
055	  if $warehouse.ware == $ware
056	    if $diff > 0
057		dec $d = 
059		$charge = $max - $warehouse.in
060		skip if $diff > $charge
061		  $diff = $charge
065		$warehouse.in = $warehouse.in + $diff
067		$diff = - $diff
070		= [THIS] -> add $diff units of $ware
073		$warehouse[$d] = $warehouse.in
076		$stored = [THIS] -> get true amount of ware $ware in cargo bay
078		[THIS] -> set local variable: name='bpg.aussenlager' value=$warehouse
079	    end
080	    else if ( $warehouse.in > 0 ) AND ( $diff < 0 )
081       	dec $d = 
082        	$diff = - $diff
083         	skip if warehouse.in > $diff
084         	  $diff = $warehouse.in
086         	$warehouse.in = $warehouse.in - $diff
088         	= [THIS] -> add $diff units of $ware
096        	$warehouse[$d] = $warehouse.in
099         	$stored = [THIS] -> get true amount of ware $ware in cargo bay
101        	[THIS] -> set local variable: name='bpg.aussenlager' value=$warehouse
102	    end
104	  end
105	  inc $d = 
108  	end
109 next.two:
112  end
113  [THIS] -> set local variable: name='bpg.aussenlager' value=$warehouse
114  @ = wait 100 ms
115 end
116 return null
I hope that Blacky_BPG doesn't mind the changes, but, IMHO, this makes the script more useful for outfitting a large ship.

Sorry, I meant to say that it originally took 3 Minutes to replenish stock - it was late last night....

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Post by fud » Tue, 16. May 06, 16:56

Bumping this back up. I'm going to try it out. I've got a silly amount of supplies for my ships, it'd be nice to put them in one location to distribute.

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Post by Blueman » Tue, 16. May 06, 17:54

K nice script

I'm gonna try it maybi i can store more than 90 spaceflies now :P

Mad Hatter
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Post by Mad Hatter » Thu, 31. Aug 06, 03:55

Does this not work in complexes? I have a shield/missile complex that is always maxing out stock, and thought this would be a good way to keep it producing...

I installed it, but I don't get any new command options. :?

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Post by B-O'F » Thu, 31. Aug 06, 10:42

Hi Mad Hatter,

This script only works for Docks (Trade Dock or Equipment Dock) or your Headquarters (if scripted in).

For your own stations and complexes, the only way I know to get them to store more goods is to park a very large freighter and run the X2 script Maintain Product Quantity (sorry no pointers, it was a long time ago).

Hope that this helps,

Boron - Ol Fh'art
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Growing old is not a disease - it is a delayed symptom of birth trauma.

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Post by fud » Thu, 31. Aug 06, 14:14

I use a little script by DeltaWolf called "Warehouse Commands". It'll let you either transfer wares to a docked ship from the station/complex, or to a station/complex from a docked ship. It'll send you an IM if your ship is empty, or full.

It's extremely handy. I'm currently looking at how to modify it so it'll do multiple transfers (like 2+ wares to the same ship).


Mad Hatter
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Post by Mad Hatter » Thu, 31. Aug 06, 15:28

fud wrote:I use a little script by DeltaWolf called "Warehouse Commands". ... I'm currently looking at how to modify it so it'll do multiple transfers (like 2+ wares to the same ship).
I had looked at that one, but as I'm using it for a complex, I need the functionality you just mentioned.

I'll try to find the X2 script BOF mentioned.

Edit: I updated the X2 script. It also only works with a single product for a single ship, but at least it transfers goods both ways (ship <> station).

Choose the ware, and qty to maintain in the station, and it juggles the stock. This is nice, since if NPC's buy what you have in stock, the ship will put it back if it has some in it's hold.

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Post by B-O'F » Thu, 31. Aug 06, 17:59

Hi Mad Hatter,

You can also change the input of that X2 script to select station resources to maintain, or to cycle through all the products or wares of a station to maintain them at a preset level (which you can set in the script, say at half of the maximum amount). To do this you need a ship with a very large cargo bay - I have 'modified' an M3 to have no shields or arms, but to have a 2 billion cargo bay to act as a StorBay. Why an M3? so my Elephant can deliver it.

This is great for Equipment Docks - means that I can equip new ships very easily.

I am also experimenting with the same sort of thing in Trade Docks - one set to buy at minimum price, and the other to sell at average or above. With a ship permanently transferring goods from the Buy Dock to the Sell Dock, and fleets of Buyers and Sellers for the appropriate Dock (mostly my own scripts).

This costs a bit to set up, but as I have over 50 Billion in Blacky_BPG's Bank script, it is not a problem (no the money was not scripted in - it was the result of a lot of bartering, though I did have a ship with a very big cargo hold - and some very profitable stations).

Have fun with the script - it is versatile,

Boron - Ol Fh'art
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Growing old is not a disease - it is a delayed symptom of birth trauma.

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conflicts with the XtendedMOD

Post by wanderer » Thu, 14. Sep 06, 17:31

Hi Black_BPG;

I get some conflicts with your warehous scripts.
FIGHT_16 - FIGHT_18. Same are used by the XtendedMOD, as I also saw, you are not using them. Same with some ware commands.

Also the t-files, seems the are from the MOD as well.

Q.: can you clean them?


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