[S] [LINKS] Ship Broadcast and Ships Renaming Management

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[S] [LINKS] Ship Broadcast and Ships Renaming Management

Post by StarTrekMarc » Sun, 29. Jan 06, 15:45

  • Ship Broadcast

    Makes it easy to rename/change homebase of many ships in one sector of one shipclass.

    The commands in the "General"-Shipmenu are very easy to understand ;)

    You can find the script in the german forums: Topic
  • Ships Renaming Management

    Allows you to assign formatted names to ships based on homebase.

    You can find the script in the german forums: Topic

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Post by <USERNAME> » Fri, 7. Apr 06, 15:40

yea dont forget that u need the special comand software to do tht though.... lol

took me ages to figure tht out... i thought it just didnt work


and way you can mod it to make it more diverse marc?

i think you have done a cracking job but sometimes it can rename or set them all ... the ones u dont want....

same for the mass renaming of ships.... anything more that u can do?

i know its a pain in the ass but there is no harm in asking...

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Post by D_Zorro » Fri, 7. Apr 06, 17:26

it doesn't work, the owner is on vacation. wtf. :?

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Post by <USERNAME> » Sat, 8. Apr 06, 14:13

ummm.. yes it does work... i have used it its this one or the ship renaming i cant remember....

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Post by dralk » Sun, 25. Jan 09, 07:00

It might just me being dense but... where is the download link for this script?? :?
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