[SCRIPT] Gateless Jump Drive Addon 1.1 18/01/06

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Dioltas As Dia
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[SCRIPT] Gateless Jump Drive Addon 1.1 18/01/06

Post by Dioltas As Dia » Sun, 15. Jan 06, 19:15

Version 1.1
Fixed ReadText error 7900-1 (howd i miss that :? )

Script - Allows gateless jumping to any position without the need for energy cells and can be used on other player-owned ships.

hope you enjoy, and i welcome any feedback
Download it [Link Temporarily Broken, Apologies] (.RAR file)

NOTE: this conflicts with Cycrows Afterburner script and his T file 447532.xml which can be remedied by reading the readme (or the Quote which is further down. the readme looks nicer so i suggest you should read it instead :) )
Dioltas As Dia wrote:Gateless Jumpdrive Addon version 1.0

What it does?:
Allows any ship to jump from any position to any position

without using energy cells

Where to get it?
Buy it from the Goner Temple, 17,000,000+credits. You must have

a regular Jumpdrive installed to use it.

How does it work?:
Once the upgrade is installed, the menu "Custom..." should

appear in the command console. In this menu, you will find the

"Gateless Jumpdrive" command. Once initiated, you must pick a sector to

jump to, then the position. For maximum efficiency, it is best to

target an object (such as a ship, asteroid or station). The drive will

automatically place you a certain safety distance away from the object

targeted. Once the command has been activated and position picked, the

ship will go into Autopilot automatically and begin countdown.

Disturbing this will cancel the jump. The countdown itself cannot be

rushed via SETA.

Conflicting Files:
This script's item command SS_WARE_SW_NEW16 conflicts directly with

Cycrow's Afterburner MK2 so it cant be used with it. I would not

suggest using the Afterburner script at all when using this script.
Accordingly the T file he uses in his many scripts (Bounty

Hunters/Mercenaries etc.) use the same T file as the Afterburner T


To solve this problem, open up the T file 447532.xml in the "t"

folder in your X3 directory and scroll towards the end of the file.

There you will see the lines:

<page id="17" title="wares" descr="0">
<t id="5863">Afterburner MK1</t>
<t id="5864">The MK1 Afterburner allows your smaller ships to travel

at faster speeds while its enganged, it requires energy cells to keep

it running</t>
<t id="5903">Afterburner MK2</t>
<t id="5904">The MK2 Afterburner allows your capitol class ship to

travel at faster speeds while its enganged, it requires energy cells to

keep it running</t>

delete that section and everthing should be alrighty.

Q: I get the message, "You do not have enough energy cells on

board" in the logbook, whats the bloody story???
A: The cargo space required for the jump is too small. While

the addon does not use energy cells, it still requires the space that

they would normally fill up to do that jump. Solution is to buy more

Cargo Bay extensions or pick a smaller jump.

Q: How come it doesnt use energy cells?
A: Well to make a Gateless Jumpdrive script that still uses

energy cells is making an adjustment too small. I think its better this

way (and the price offsets the advantage). That and it is a shameful

rip of the script used in LV's cheat script (though i couldnt have

wrote it better myself!)

Q: It is not showing up at the Goner Temple!!! Why???
A: That is because it is conflicting with another script/T

file. See above for the conflicting files. Other than that PM me with

all relevant information and i will try to help.

Q: Can other ships use it to?
A: Other player-owned ships can use it if commanded to (they

will not use it on their own AI!). This can performed anywhere, even

Out Of Sector (OOS). AI ships will not use this item.

Q: This is a bloody cheat script, why the hell should i use it?
A: If you consider it a cheat, then by all means press the

"delete" button and dont use it, otherwise have fun!

Unzip to your main X3 Directory.
Files Contained:
T file - 447900.xml
scripts files - a.dio.gatelessjump.xml
- setup.dio.gatelessjump.xml
- lib.cycrow.addware.xml

Thanks to:

LV - for the Gateless jumpdrive script (as was part of the package of

the Cheat Scripts!) and other assorted script help :)

Cycrow - for the lib.cycrow.addware.xml file which i was allowed use

and also assorted script help :)

nuclear_eclipse - for helping me out with a certain scripting error i

was getting

This script proves that a man with limited computer skills and is

afraid when his 1500euro pc crashes can script for X3, then anyone

really can (with the great help from the X-Universe Script&Modding

Now for the script usage info:

Text Files Used
7900 - Gateless jumpdrive addon

Command Extension Wares Used
28;0;0;0;0;74;5903;0;638508;1;1;0;638508;-100000;0;0;SS_WARE_SW_NEW16; 17,926,236 credits

Command Names / Slots Used
<t id="726">COMMAND_TYPE_CUSTOM_26</t>
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Post by Naffarin » Sun, 15. Jan 06, 19:27

You should use the community extended mod so you can have your own ware without any conflicts.
*edit* ah i see you are aware of it.

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Dioltas As Dia
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Post by Dioltas As Dia » Sun, 15. Jan 06, 20:00

yea the EMP adds the item as good, therefore having more than one per ship when i wanted it as equipment that can be installed and uninstalled.

took me ages to figure that out (being a scripting noob and all :D )

if the EMP gets any equipment slots i'll add it in there.

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Post by AalaarDB » Fri, 20. Jan 06, 06:24

EMP beta has been fixed. The beta will turn into release as soon as the 1.3.01 patch comes out.

The EMP wares are installed in the ship extensions and have volume 0, which is probably what you want. However, there can still be multiple wares, and I'm not sure why.

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Post by Puruco » Thu, 19. Oct 06, 16:06

Does anyone have this script that can send it to me? The dowload page is down.

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Dioltas As Dia
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Post by Dioltas As Dia » Thu, 19. Oct 06, 19:09

The download link has fixed.

This script is no longer being continued. While I can assist very slightly in problems, please bear in mind that its compatibility with newer scripts is unverified.

Sorry mods for responding to an old topic

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Post by Draakon » Sun, 24. Aug 08, 13:08

Can we hope to see player-owned ships(not piloted by player itself) use this too?

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Post by mpcribeiro » Wed, 15. Oct 08, 22:22

no link to the script available

whats the point on having this post on the community script library list?

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Post by jlehtone » Wed, 15. Oct 08, 23:20

The author apparently removed the link without informing the list maintainers.

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