[SCRIPT] (RFJ) Refuel For Jump by Xai Corporation

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[SCRIPT] (RFJ) Refuel For Jump by Xai Corporation

Post by moggy2 » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 04:26

Title: Xai Corp. Refuel for Jump (RFJ)
Version: 1.0
Download: www.xai-corp.net/project/XaiCorp-RFJ
Command a ship to buy the necessary energy to jump to a target sector

I find this command usefull when used in conjunction with the manual trade commands. It removes the hastle of setting up your remote ship for a long range trade run.

Refuel for Jump command
The command requires the ''Jumpdrive'' and ''Trading System Extension'' to be installed on the ship. Without these you will not see the command in the auxilliary ship command menu.

- Select the furthest sector you wish to be able to jump to.
- ship will try and purchase enough energy to jump to that sector.
- the ship will only seach it's current sector for energy

This command has been split from the Jumpdrive commands Software for X2, which has been obsoleted by stock commands in X3.

Command Slot Used: Special 23
Textpage/Textfile: 7241

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Post by AalaarDB » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 09:04

This might be rather nice as a helper script for a station manager script that uses ships withs JDs; except for that bloated find function. Of course I'm working on one that doesn't use JDs. One thing that might make this better for said station manager script, if the ship is docked, take energy from there. If docked; buy it, if player owned SPP take it, or maybe even take it from player factory if above a certain threshold.

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