[Utility] Random Ship Type (for scripters)

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[Utility] Random Ship Type (for scripters)

Post by AalaarDB » Sat, 3. Dec 05, 06:29

For a script I'm making I needed just about every type of ship there is, and randomly to boot. This was a small problem in X2, but with tankers and vanguards it's become much worse. I couldn't find a way to select different variations on ships (like for instance, changing sub ware type). So I turned off my brain and slogged through selecting them one by one. Forgive me if I missed a better way to do this. After a few hours my hands are tired but it's done. I post it here so if you ever need to do the same your hands won't hurt afterwards! Ships are broken down into category, then selected based on a weighted random number. If you edit the weights, or anything really, you must rename the scripts.

Random Shiptype Generator
RandomShiptypes.zip Mirror

Sister library: Random WareType Generator
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Post by nuclear_eclipse » Sat, 3. Dec 05, 16:56

Your efforts will not go unappreciated. I will be hanging on to this for use in the near future. Much thanks and gratitude are being sent in your general direction.

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Thank you aalaardb!

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Post by Tritous » Thu, 26. Jan 06, 01:50

sounds good. I did actually come up with a good algorithm for working such out, and gave a copy to cycrow. I don't know if it is workable though, knowing me it might not be as I know nothing of the script engine really and it's just a generic algorithm, but who knows :S
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