X3: Reunion Complete Walkthrough (SPOILERS)

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X3: Reunion Complete Walkthrough (SPOILERS)

Post by Simon Moon » Tue, 15. Nov 05, 15:33

X3: Reunion

Gameguide by Christian 'Simon Moon' Riesen (simon@gomp.net)

After writing a guide for X2, it seemd natural to me to do the same for X3. This guide does not claim to be perfect, 100% accurate at all times, nor complete. But you should know a few things before considering this guide.

First, it's based on the UK version of X3.
Second, it's written using the patch 1.2 (Released late October 2005).
Third, I played with "normal" setting.

If you use other versions or settings, things might be different, so this guide might not be always right for you. For everyone else it's a pretty close fit to what you encounter in the X-Universe.

If you want to post this guide elsewhere, go ahead, but drop me a mail so I know where it is posted.

Starting Tips
Skip it if you like, but I found these things very useful to know over the course of time.

Use the sector map to find your way around. Hit the "." key and you will see it. You can still fly around with it open, watch the white arrow that tells you where your ship points. This is very useful in finding gates.
When you've found a destination (gate or station) in your sector map, select it, then hit "t" and you have it as your target. Remove the sector map from your screen by hitting "." and use the autopilot "shift+d". In case of a station, it will fly there and dock you (if you have permission). In case of a gate, it will fly you safely through it. Also very practical, run the SETA and it will be used until you either are docked or through the gate.
Standard SETA is at 600%. Go into your options and change it to 1000% to shorten wait times.


Check the "Starting Tips" above, many simple things, or annoying ones can be avoided by simply reading them.

Since the X-Universe is built in a pretty square fashion, in nearly every sector there is a gate that's called one of the four main directions. So when you just have to fly through a series of gates to get to a specific location, I won't write long descriptions, simply the gates you have to take. If you want to fly from Argon Prime to Home of Light, you take the south gate, so I simply would write someting like "fly to home of Light (S)" and that's it. If you were in another sector that might be a longer list. Sometimes there is a long journey and I will add a name of a sector to it. This would look about like this: (W, S, Argon Prime S, E) This means you fly westgate, then southgate and you arrive in Argon Prime where you take the southgate again. This is to make sure you never get lost in the universe. With this guide you should never fail to find where you need to go.

I add a lot of paragraphs, mostly grouping together one action before the next one comes. So best is to save when I make a new paragraph. That's lots of saving, but might save you a lot of frustration. Saving in stations should be natural to you right after your first mission.

Rookie Patrol

Ban Danna wants you to fly with rookies, great. So off you go through the south gate to Home of Light. As you enter the sector you get a call from the flightleader Gamma. Two are a bit to your right and behind you. Fly very close to the leader (about 1.5 km) and the mission starts.

Fly now towards the east gate, or simply let your ship follow him. In about the middle you get a nice row of Khaak ships on your screen. Take them out, it should not take you too much effort, then resume your course.

Go through the gate. Here fly a bit away from the gate towards the center of the sector, and cut your engines. Wait for the squadleader to come in and then follow them. Again some Khaak appear, directly behind you this time. Get rid of them, then fly to the next gate.

Passing the gate, repeat your performance with waiting a bit, you are always faster then the other ships. Once they say good bye you are free to do as you please.

Here the game starts to allow you to act freely. This text here guides you through the story line, but in some situations it might be good to have some money, so doing some trading on the side is a good idea.

Goner Temple

Noah Gaffelt, the Goner priest, sends you a message. Dock with the Goner temple in Cloudbase Southwest. Then talk over the comm to Noah Gaffelt. You have to do some defense duty here, so undock and wait. You will be transported into the defense tower of the transport vessel.

First aim at those drones they put out and destroy them all. Then after a bit, a small wave of pirates come your way. Shoot in bursts, and only do continuous fire if they ever get really close. Normally they fall before that.

A second wave comes and falls just as quickly. Then you are through the gate and again you have to fight off a wave of pirates. When you are done with them, you get on the planet and fight in close quarters. It's hard to hit anything here, but you will make it.

After the short scene, you are off the planet again and in space, in your spacesuit. Turn to your left until you see a ship (not that big one) in the asteroid field. Aim for it, put your suit to full speed and wait. When you are close to the ship, you will be automatically picked up, so don't worry about smashing into it.

Find the Crystal

When they are done with you, you get dropped off in your ship in Antigone Memorial, right next to a solar power plant (SPP). Dock with it and buy as many Enery Cells as you can carry. When you undock you should still see "Nikonofune" in your sector map; that's Saya's ship. Follow it, and it will lead you to the south gate. from Antigone Memorial to Farnham's Legend you have to take these gates: S, E, S. You might have trouble finding the gates in "The Hole". They are very much to the south, east and south gate are close to each other. To make it easy for you, here is the exact location of the eastgate: 26.9/18.2/-38.2

Once you enter the system, Saya tells you they are docked to the west. That long station called "The Maurauder" is where you want to look for him. Get close to the station and the don makes a run for it. Igonre the big ship and the station, just go for the fighters until Saya tells you to engage your jumpdrive "shift+j". Once its activated, select the sector below, it's the only one you can jump to, and when it says it's charging, hit the SETA button so it jumps faster.

Now the strategy has changed, ignore the fighters and go for the talon right away. Hit it so its shields drop. You won't make it in the first run. Listen carefully to Saya, as the Talon jumps away again before you can complete it, then jump the instant she tells you. Jump after him again and repeat your performance until he gives up. Don't bother with the fighters at all until the Talon has jumped away. Once done, Saya picks up the crystal and you are left off somewhere in the universe. Mostly it's close to space you already know.

The easiest way is to press enter, select ship, select orders, select navigation and then select Dock At. Select Cloudbase Southwest and then the Goner Temple. Since you have been there already, the ship will fly on its own to there. Just engage SETA after jumps and wait until you make it there.

Meet Thomus

Your job is to find the priest Thomus who is mostly in Freedoms Reach. On your way you pass through Ore Belt, a good chance to fill up your energy cells for jumping back later. You can get there by flying through these gates: E, E, N, S, E, S, S.

In the sector, fly straight and dock with the Teladi Trading Station. There you get to talk to Lihimes Eluleis Gebndius III. You have to win the race to get the location of Thomus. Fly with the ship you are getting to the starting position, fly slowly at it, so you can instanly find the right spot you have to fly to when the race starts.

As the race begins you will see the next spot you have to fly to will always be marked. Push your speed to the max (you have no boost extension, so you have to do it manually) then concentrate on flying. Don't bump into anything or you are dead.

Winning the race is easy if you follow a few tricks. Aim straight at the next spot, then you will see the cross wandering off into a direction, let's say left. Now aim a bit to the left of the cross and use the strafe drive to go into the same direction. Don't aim too far off so you still can hit the target. It's not needed to hit it perfectly, just be close (within about 500m), you will know you've hit it when you get the next marked. If you miss one, pull thrusters to a halt, aim and fly on. At the end of the race just hit the last marker in the starting ring and wait, since it will not be over in the next second.

You should win pretty easy. If you don't win the first time, the Teladi will call you back in a few minutes to race again.

The Teladi tells you to find Thomus in the east nebula of Ore Belt. If you have bought energy cells, you can jump there, otherwise follow these gates back: N, N, W, N, W, S, W.

Near the eastgate you will find a ship called "Solitas" on your sector map. Get close to it (about 5km) and you get the information you need. Now go to Argon Prime (N, N) and get within comm range of Argon One and talk to Ban Danna.

Nividium Convoy

Go through the south gate to Home of Light. There get close to the "Terracorp Convoy Flight Leader" and comm. After the little chat, go straight to the south gate and fly through it to Ore Belt. A few seconds after you arrive, the convoy arrives as well, and you find yourself in a turret on board of one of the TLs.

Now just shoot down those Khaak vessels. Aim a bit in front of them so you get them all. You have to fight down 3 waves. Once they are done, you will be transported back to your ship. Now take out all the remaining ships. First concentrate on the "Fighter" ships, they can give you trouble. The scouts are fairly easy. Once they are all dead, dock with the SPP in the sector to stock up on energy cells.

We have to meet with Saya in Ocracoke's Storm. To get there follow these gates: W, S, E, S, W, S.

As you enter the system, you get to see the Yaki hiding in an asteroid. You have a nice spydrone to fly once you get controls back. Your goal is to reach the end of this passage.

Fly forward and avoid the first two scanners. Just don't hit the red beams. Fly in the middle to avoid the lower one, then pick up speed to fly through the beams of the second one.

Fly down the path to the next scanners. Watch them and wait for the scanner that's closer to sweep down. When it's about horizontal, speed up and fly close to the right wall, then fly low to dodge the second scanner. You should pass both scanners without a problem.

Behind those scanners, you see a metal opening to your left and some sort of round port to your right. Look closely at that port so you won't miss how it looks later. This one is closed so ignore it, and fly through the narrow opening between the two metal walls.

Now the next scanner is easy, just keep close to the left upper wall.

And here is the port I was talking about, this one is open though. The scanner hits the opening of the port in its sweep. See the passage at the end of the corridor? Ignore it, it's a dead end. Wait for the scanner to just pass you on an up-sweep then fly into the port quickly.

Pass through this bit, and then you have to find your way around in the dark portion ahead. There is only one way, but it's a bit confusing finding it. It leads to another port with two pipes going into the wall next to it. Go into that port and through the tunnel.

Follow the corridor and fly past the sweep scanner by flying above the pipes and next to the wall. It leads to another port you have to fly through. After that, pass the narrow metal walls again and you are done.

After your friends scatter, you are left alone, with nothing to do. You get a news flash, so Paranid core sectors are off limits after that.

After a bit (just stay in the sector and wait) an old friend will appear, Don Marani. Attack and destroy the small ships he sends after you, but do not engage the big ship. Once you've killed them, he talks to you. Your mission, find his daughter.

Find the Girl

You have to go to "Thurok's Pride". You can reach your destination from "Cloudbase Southwest" through these gates: N, N, N, N, N, E, E, E, E, E, E, (Family Whi) S, S.

Watch the chat with Saya Kho, then dock with the Split Trading Port. Read the BBS and you see they are looking for pilots at the silicon mine. Undock, fly to the mine so it's in comm range, and then talk to the Ore Mine Manager. When you get close, Saya talks to you again, and she also has some things to say during your conversation. Your path now leads you to "Teladi Gain".

Jump or get there by using these gates: N, N, W

Fly a bit toward the "Pleasure Complex" and park your ride at least 5 km away from it. Then sit back and wait. Saya is flying around a bit, and then gets captured. Still, wait and let them fly her back to the complex. Once she's in the complex, SQUASH mines appear. Take them out, either with precise shots or safer, with missiles (mosquito do well). Once you take out enough, three pirates will attack. Kill them, and the game will drop you off in your space suit (after a short sequence).

Fly straight and up to your right. Follow the corridor and turn left toward the marker. When you are in the vicinity (don't worry about slowing down) you get into the ship. In the left back part of the docking bay is a hole you can fly through (note the nice arrows pointing to it on its side). Fly in, and shoot down the black ball thing on the left wall. When it shoots explosions, check down the corridor, the blue shield should be gone. Then shoot down the red things above the entrance, because they will shoot at you.

Fly through the opening and upwards. Turn left at the first section and beware of the automatic laser defenses on the floor. On the next intersection take the right path that leads downwards. Follow this corridor past the long one with the laser defense at the end of it. Follow the corridor again until you reach a crossroad. Fly straight, then left (technically you can't go any other way, as the others are dead ends). Then left again on the next section and fly into that hall. You see the same ball you saw before at the entrance. Shoot it until it starts exploding.

Now fly fast and precise, we need to get to a door that was previously protected by a forcefield. Use this as help when you get to intersections: right, right, straight, left, left, (here you came from the left side before) right and follow down into the hall with the hatches. Shoot at every single hatch you see there until it breaks. All hatches have to be broken before you can continue.

Fly through this hall now, not the way you came in (!) and you will come to an intersection with blue and green arrows. Red arrows are there too, that's where you came from.

Take the corridor with the blue arrow to your left. Fly through the corridor, take a sharp left at what looks like a crossroad (it goes down, the other ways are dead ends) and take the right tunnel at the next intersection. You see two laser towers in the ceiling, which tells you you're going the right way. A bit down the corridor another two laser towers will appear in the ceiling. You fly through a blue ring then take the next tunnel to your right. You get to the next escape pods and two laser towers will shoot at you again (right wall). Take them out, then shoot open all the hatches again. After a short sequence, you are out and on your own again.

You should ensure your ship is in good repair, then make your way to "Farnham's Legend". That's the following gates: W, W, S, S, S.

Fly up to the station "The Marauder" get in the 5 km comm range, and request to talk to someone on board. Talk to "Don Marani" and you are done here.

Now you can fly around a bit and then you will get a message that Miria Marani is ready. Go to the Maurader in Farnham's Legend and talk to her on board the Marauder station.

Crystal Hunt

After talking you have 3 choices: go for the Xenon Sector, go to the Paranid Sector or take care of the Yakis. Your choice. I would advise the Yaki first, as this will take care of the disruptor missiles.

Yaki Crystal

Take the gates W then S and you arrive at Olamancketslats Treaty. After a small chat, you have to convince Miria to help you by bringing some computer components. Closest factory is in Red Light (N, W, S, W, W, W). Buy components worth at least 10'000 credits then retun to Bala Gi's Joy. As soon as you enter the sector, she talks to you and tells you to dock at the Quantum Tube Fab. There you meet Jesan and change to his ship. And off you go through the south gate back to Olamancketslats Treaty.

Now take the Disruptor Missile Factory in your aim and fly close, real close. At about 100 meters he starts his scan, and yes, that is really close. As soon as he starts scanning, fighters start pounding at you. Stay really close to the station. The best is if you fly slowly around the aim spot, between the arms of the station. This way they won't hit you. Stay close until he says it's done, then take the north gate back and dock again on the Quantum Tube Fab.

Now with the plans, you need an expert to look at them, that would be Ban Danna. Fly to Argon Prime (W, S, W, W, N) and get within comm range of the Argon One. Then talk to Ban Danna on board.

After the nice movie, you get to choose which crystal to follow now. Paranid is very close so it's a good choice.

Paranid Crystal

If you followed the above instructions, you should be in Argon Prime. Go to Emperor Mines through these Gates: S, S, W, S.

In the sector find the Tempestine ship and comm the pilot, Miria. She tells you that near the east gate you should find a border Patrol that might help you. Fly toward the east gate and get within 2 km of it. You get a message telling you that you can't pass, and Miria knows someone on the Paranid Trading Dock. Go over there and dock with the station.

Once docked, you meet Nolmancketnun. He wants 30'000 credits to deliver a message. Pay him, since there is no other way. Once you've paid him, he will fly off to deliver your message. You should use the time you have now to make some money.

Once the message arrives, you will have to have 200'000 credits, and then you have to meet the seller in Elena's Fortune. After his little comm, meet the Paranid next to the Trading Station (Ship Age of Oedipus). Get in comm range and talk to him. After a short talk, Khaak appear and want to waste you and him. Of course, he takes off while you have to defeat all the Khaak ships. Once done, our new friend has a tragic accident, and in a little movie you snatch the crystal away. Two down, one to go, Xenon Sector 101.

Xenon Crystal

From Elena's Fortune, fly S, E, S, E, S, and you are there. The gate to the sector can be clearly seen to the south of the west gate in Nopileos' Memorial. If you can, save before passing this gate, it's getting hairy.

Inside you meet a ton of people. They will help without encouragement from you. Go to the center of the sector and you will see some crates floating around. Your job is to survive and pick up these crates. So first kill the Xenons that are running around the crates, then pick up a crate. Don't bother with the missiles, only pick the ones called "crate". One of them is the black crystal. I found it after picking up 4 of them.

Once Julian says he has it, get out of there and back to the Goner Temple.

The route from Xenon Sector 101 is: N, W, N, W, N, W, W, S, S, W.

The Trap

Once you've docked and talked on board over the comms to Noah Gaffelt, they need some time to prepare. You should stock up your weapons, and make sure you are fully repaired and equiped with scanners.

You will then get a message that they are ready, or if you hang out in front of the Temple, it will automatically start. First the ambush takes place and then it's your turn to fight. Shoot down a few of the pirates so you can easier take out the true Searcher of Light, Ion's Corvette. It takes a while for the shields to be worn out, but once they are down, he surrenders.

Watch the talk carefully and also listen very carefully to the mission briefing.

Mining Impossible

Fly through the south gate and dock with the Paranid Trading Dock. Talk on board with Nolmancketnun. He wants money, lots. Just stay docked after the talk, and after a while you will get a message that he wants 250'000 credits. If you don't have that, make it. Talk to him again, and then comes another wait period. You get another message that you should come back and talk to him, so do that. Then he tells you that the mine is being built, and that he had to use a different name on the papers for you. When you get that line, go through the east gate and then again through the east gate. The mine is built by then, and on your left hand side when you enter the system. Just dock with it. After the short talk about mutations in some tender areas, go back to Emperor Mines and the next mission is about to begin.

AP Gunner Revisited

Make your way to Nyana's Hideout. A jumpdrive would come in handy, but if you want to save money, or simply can't use a jumpdrive, follow these gates from Emperor Mines: N, E, E, N, E, S, E, S, E, E, E, (Aladna Hill) S, S, S, S, E, E, N, E, N, (Eighteen Billion). You have to go east here, a shortcut through a Xenon Sector, so full thrusters ahead, and then to the north gate inside, (Scale Plate Green) E.

Inside the Sector, go to the Asteroids to your left, about 4 of them. Get close, and you will find a ship nearby. It has a special name and you will spot it instantly. Get close to it (about 3 km) and a sequence will start. Now this gets a bit tricky. First push the boost button, so you get away (some Khaak are on your trail) and hit the throttle to full speed. Run through the tunnel as fast as possible, use your strafe drive to get around corners and avoid obstacles. There is only one way to go, so don't let the tunnel fool you into thinking there are multiple ways. If you get cought up or are too slow, the Khaak blow you to pieces.

Once you made it through the game lets you off outside with a swarm of Khaak to deal with. Kill the fighters first--those are the dangerous ships--then take down the scouts. With this over, it's time to go back to Argon Prime. Jump or use these Directions: W, S (Xenon Sector 347) W, S, W, S, W, W, N, N, N, (Aladna Hill) W, W, W, N, W, N, W, W, W, N.

Get close to the Argon One and comm to Ban Danna. He wants you to wait for them to be ready. So do your thing and wait for the message from Ban Danna, then get close to the Argon One and comm him again.

Scanning Nividium Plants

You're now in Saya's Nikonofune fighter, and we are heading for Emperor Mines. Take these Gates to get there: S, S, W, S.

Once in the sector, fly close to the Paranid Nividium Processing Plant Alpha. Saya marks a section of the station and then you have to get very close to it. About 100 meters, but she already is happy with about 150. After the scan is complete, some Paranid wants a piece of you. As soon as you have control over the ship, run for the east gate and dodge your friends on your tail. You can't kill them, they will shoot you down.

In Paranid Prime, turn left ot the north and get close to the Nividium Plant here. Before you are close enough, the Paranids appear again. Get very close to the station and park next to the marked spot, so the fighters only hit the station, not you. Once that scanning is done, dart to the south gate into Empires Edge. There take the east gate. After the small sequence, jump out of there (the ship should have enough to bring you to Red Light north gate, from there go through the north gate then east to Argon Prime).

Get close to the Argon one in Argon Prime and talk to Ban Danna.

Proof of Innocence

Events go fast now. You get arrested. After that you can flee with a ship. Just fly wildly around with full speed and don't let yourself be shot down. Then you jump to the Don's base and dock with it. Next you jump back into Duke's Domain.

A ship is coming at you, so just shoot at it with your ion disruptor until the pilot jumps out. You get transported into it and it's your turn to attack the Nividium station. There are four spheres that create power for the station's cloaking device. When you get close enough you will see them. Destroy them and the cloak will fail.

The Paranids escape to Heretics End. Your job is to fly to a station surrounded with enemies. Get very close to the station, to that sqare you will see when you are close, and the gate will be created. Done with that, Khaak attack. Take them all out. Take care of all the small ships, scouts and fighters. Once they are all gone attack the big ones, but shoot at them from a distance (when you hear you are within range). If they start to fire at you, fly away, then approach again. Another wave appears and there is more fighting going on. Again, concentrate on the small ships. When you reach a certain point you will see a lot of plot happening in a sequence and a huge fight going on.

Next time you can do something, you find yourself in some sort of tunnel. Shoot at the round generators (you know how they look from the Pleasure Complex) and evade the debris flying towards you (left side around is a good way to avoid it). When the station explodes, lean back and enjoy the fireworks.

Congratulations you've completed X3: Reunion.

From this point on you can do as you please, as it is now an open-ended game for you.

If you have additions, please post them here and i will add them to the post and document posted on some sites.
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Post by muppetts » Tue, 15. Nov 05, 15:36

Is it Walkthrough time! One of these has just been posted below!
VURT The only Feathers to Fly With......

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Post by alevel17 » Tue, 15. Nov 05, 15:39

This ones a bit more to the point than mine which some will prefer.
Mines step by step so there is no harm in having either version available :)

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Post by Dgn Master » Tue, 15. Nov 05, 15:42

Got them both, that way i am guarenteed to not get stuck :o .

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Post by Simon Moon » Tue, 15. Nov 05, 15:44

muppetts wrote:Is it Walkthrough time! One of these has just been posted below!
Well, i wrote one for X2 and now i wrote one for X3. Didnt notice the other one though, looks like a good job. And yes they are a bit different. But if somoen gets stuck in mine, i will enhance it. Normally, you should be fine with it.

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Post by taishojojo » Tue, 15. Nov 05, 16:13

I've read 2 walkthoughs; don't know who's is who's and only up to sections I've actually done (making sure I didn't miss anything).
Ya'll seem to be missing some of the more common sense things z.b. picking up missiles from exploded ships.
It may not occur to some people that the Kha'ak ships in mission one are dropping about 13 missiles. In mission 2, the Yaki drop ~5 Hornets ~3 Silkworms ~3 Dragonflys and miscellanous Mosquitoes. GRANTED, I had to fly S to The Hole to get them but hey.
I started on NORMAL i.e. a Buster and 5,000 credits. Picking up ~80,000 in missiles can help buy that 3rd 5MJ shield.

Only sad part for me is that I've hit every Equipment Dock in the initial Argon and Boron areas and there ain't ANY shields or IREs or PACs to be had (meaning I'm still at 10MJ of shields and 2 BPACs)

Anyhooo... 8)

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taishojojo wrote:I've read 2 walkthoughs; don't know who's is who's and only up to sections I've actually done (making sure I didn't miss anything).
Ya'll seem to be missing some of the more common sense things z.b. picking up missiles from exploded ships.
It may not occur to some people that the Kha'ak ships in mission one are dropping about 13 missiles. In mission 2, the Yaki drop ~5 Hornets ~3 Silkworms ~3 Dragonflys and miscellanous Mosquitoes. GRANTED, I had to fly S to The Hole to get them but hey.
I started on NORMAL i.e. a Buster and 5,000 credits. Picking up ~80,000 in missiles can help buy that 3rd 5MJ shield.

Only sad part for me is that I've hit every Equipment Dock in the initial Argon and Boron areas and there ain't ANY shields or IREs or PACs to be had (meaning I'm still at 10MJ of shields and 2 BPACs)

Anyhooo... 8)
Try Cloudbase Southeast (east of Ore Belt). There is a shield complex that makes the ones you want. And if they dont have one, just buy the resources it needs and sell it to the factory, you wil soon get a cheap shield.

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Post by alevel17 » Tue, 15. Nov 05, 17:28

My ones a first draft dealing purely with the plot which I ran through non stop :)

I'm going through the game again at a more lesuirely pace to flesh it out into a full game guide which will include stuff like loot, capturing, trading etc :)

I may be lazy and send some people emails and request permission to steal bits for the guide in exchange for their name in big neon...ok fine ASCII....letters on the Credits :D

(EG The X3 Map, Economy Guide and Ship Stats)

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Post by Whispers » Thu, 24. Nov 05, 17:01

As the shields go (or anything you want/need for that matter) I have found it much better to ignore the equipment docks (except for sales) and just check for factories or for complexes that make the item or items you need....mass driver ammo, all kinds of weaps and shields can be found within 3 or 4 jumps of argon prime (cb se, and red light for shields of all kinds...mass driver ammo (i just switch them off and use lazers when trying to capture ships) ....

BTW I have found that you can eventually get an m3 fighter that will hold 2 125 shields Thats 250 total of shields

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An alternative is here.

Cheers Euclid

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re: bit of a mistake

Post by moritz21 » Sat, 26. Nov 05, 13:39

when you ve reached (heratic's end to do the cystal spliter bit and let kyle jump to earth I was stuck there just as an astronuat (tryed jumpin a ship in and using it to jump out (low and beyhold back in heratic's end even flu up worm hole tryed several times same thing (got fed up and restated a custom game.

also ques (unknown object in AM to the righ of south gate (WHAT IS IT) CANNot scupe it tryed scan tryed claimin no joy (any ideas) is it outside or inside the asteriod that cannot be fired on with a missles. :? :?

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I want to know how to make it off of the planet when doing the crystal mission in the beginning.

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_S_A_I_T_E_K_ wrote:I want to know how to make it off of the planet when doing the crystal mission in the beginning.
Shoot down the pirates. Best is to just autofire at them. If you hit enough the sequence goes over faster. Forget about anything, just shoot at the red boxes where you see them.

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cheers for the guide 'moon'

great stuff, appreciated

I'd actully got bored of X3 being new to the series, tis a lot of stuff to learn and take in.. hopefully this will rekindle the game for me


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tega wrote:cheers for the guide 'moon'

great stuff, appreciated

I'd actully got bored of X3 being new to the series, tis a lot of stuff to learn and take in.. hopefully this will rekindle the game for me
You are most welcome :)

The guide is only there to help through the plot. It should help you finish the plot and then its up to you. I would advise you to read the other guides as well, specailly the ones noted down in the sticky. Those can help you extremly well with trading and building which can also be a lot of fun :)


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