30 Years of EGOSOFT games - June 2018 Celebration Month!

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Post by Artean » Mon, 11. Jun 18, 20:03

Gratz Egosoft!
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Post by Dr_Eyeball » Mon, 11. Jun 18, 23:40

Happy 30th birthday! That's quite an achievement. I am so glad your team is continuing to develop & support X games & DLCs as diligently as you do. Thank you.

I started out with my initial discovery of X3 & TC/AP. I am now loving the quality of X Rebirth since the 4.0 patches. I am playing the expansions TC+HoL now too, which are incredibly improved and play quite differently to the base game in a good way.

It is a shame that you guys have to deal with so much complaining, much of it is often unjustified or over-exaggerated or just plain repetitive. My advice, ignore it! It is clear from the patches and the revelations seen in the previews & live-streams of X4, that your team knows what is needed and has the skills required to produce quality and detail.

Thanks for providing an insight into some of the new features being developed for X4 Foundations. :boron: They are interesting indeed. I am eagerly waiting for the release of X4 Foundations, or at least some more previews in the meantime.

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Post by zazie » Thu, 14. Jun 18, 10:25

@Dr_Eyeball: wow, your first post in 5 years - and such a precious one. +1

Thank you - and thank you Egosoft. Your games have become part of my life for more than 15 years by now. ad multos annos

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Post by tf » Thu, 14. Jun 18, 14:48

Congratulations EGOSOFT!
and thank You for the worlds You created,
in a way they are part of my world!
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Keep the Pics coming

Post by Swiftbow » Sat, 16. Jun 18, 03:42

Nice Job with the pics. Good way to continue your work on the game and satisfy fans at the same time. :)

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Post by birdtable » Tue, 19. Jun 18, 09:52

Well done to Egosoft for surviving 30 years in a vastly changing world.. To have remained independant is a great achievement and one to be very proud of.

Wish you had linked up with Related Designs Software though, could have been beneficial to both parties.

Looking forward to CBJ's autobiography .......
:) :) :)

Bet Lino is itching to show us his creations for X4.

Good Luck for the future....

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Post by Skeeter » Wed, 20. Jun 18, 02:27

Well today's the day, looking forward to a good long stream of celebrations. Set up a donations thing on the twitch stream and u never know someone might give something towards a pizza u can order during the stream.

I do hope we get a little something towards x4 tho but I am eager to sit down and watch the whole story of egosoft from past to present and to the future you see yourselves doing in the next 5 years.
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Post by birdtable » Wed, 20. Jun 18, 20:04

Enjoying the stream,, waiting for an X … It does not appear that salads are popular in the staff dining room..... :)

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Post by CBJ » Wed, 20. Jun 18, 20:17

birdtable wrote:It does not appear that salads are popular in the staff dining room..... :)
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Post by radcapricorn » Wed, 20. Jun 18, 22:27

'Twas a great stream, thank you guys for putting it together. A walk down the memory lane, and a glimpse of the future. You rock, keep up the fantastic work!

EDIT: oh, and Xenon_Slayer, the "Serendipitous" was awesome ;)

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Post by birdtable » Wed, 20. Jun 18, 22:30

Just finished watching stream,,, any ulterior motive for X3 being nearly totally skipped over or was it just time constraints...

To be honest with the lack of any further info we watched Rebirth 2 at the end...maybe that was why X3 was skipped..... no comparisons to be made.


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Post by Tamina » Wed, 20. Jun 18, 23:32

I liked that - in comparison - XR was such an obvious and important step into the future and I wish the X series all the best for the future.

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Post by BurnIt! » Wed, 20. Jun 18, 23:32

It was really just time constraints - we originally were aiming for 1 1/2 hours of stream time but it turns out cramming 30 years of company history into that time isn't so easy.
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Post by A5PECT » Thu, 21. Jun 18, 00:14

I liked the guest calls. It was great hearing from former ES staff and from external staff like Alexei.
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Post by Vandragorax » Thu, 21. Jun 18, 16:32

As Tamina said, XR really was such an obvious step up from the previous titles and it sounds like you guys all learned so much from that game, as well as where your limits are with how many systems you can update/tweak all at once ;)

I really loved hearing that Alexei was helping with all sound effects now, not just music, and the new sounds as well as general ambience are all way smoother and nicer!

Can't wait to get my hands on the game, hope it's not too much longer to wait :D

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