Issues with 4k monitor beyond text size

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Issues with 4k monitor beyond text size

Post by Baconfortress » Sun, 6. May 18, 22:50

So I use a 4k 60inch tv as my monitor, and ive used large 1080 tvs for x3 ap in the past

Previously I discovered, like other users here, that 4k UHD makes text virtually unreadable. My understanding is this is a limitation of the software and cant be fixed by the user.

My problem is that if I shift the game into 1080, my mouse begins to suffer from significant lag issues. While its technically playable it makes flying anything smaller than an m7 impossible, which is most of the ships, even with litcubes mod.

I have tried switching from gpu to display scaling, changing my display resolution to match, and a variety of framerates and other resolutions. Ive reinstalled, verified caches, and installed separately from steam

I cannot get the mouse to behave properly at any settings other than 4k (where the text is painfully small). Has anyone else experienced this issue? and is there a resolution?

I seem to have found a few instances online, however the consensus in those cases was "deal with it" which I find somewhat unsatisfactory. Considering the mountain of after release support egosoft does I am surprised they never fixed UHD upscaling.

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