I have a quick question to Egosoft, about YouTube and Music copyright,...

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I have a quick question to Egosoft, about YouTube and Music copyright,...

Post by fravatar » Thu, 5. Apr 18, 16:52

I've had a few x3 video series on my YouTube channel, normally never had any problems with copyright music before, but today, I got a claim for

"PSYCORANGE-Reunion (154)", sound recording administered by:
Label Engine

And I'm like, what is this nonsense? The only music in my x3 videos is from the in game music that comes with x3. This has to be some sort of false positive. So I do a quick google search for "PSYCORANGE-Reunion (154)" and success, there is a link I can listen to. Well the first 30 seconds or so sounds 100% like a rip of the game music, then some horrible fast pace techno beat drops and totally ruins the good music. It also made me mad, how dare they steal someone else's work and ruin it and then claim it as their own work?

So I guess my question here is: Did Egosoft consent to have their music modified like this and the allowed to be sold by someone else? Anyone who's ever played x3 will recognize the music in the first 30 seconds, I mean hell, It even fooled YouTube's robot algorithm flagging them as the same song.

Clearly it's shady as ****, but can someone just take a song, from a video game for example, and add some no skill techno beat on top and then turn around and sell it as their own work?

I just felt Egosoft should be made aware that someone is doing this with your music, if they got your consent then I guess it's ok, but if they didn't at least ask for authorization to use x3's music, then it's dishonest, and possibly illegal at least in some places. (you could argue unauthorized use of intellectual property, but I'm no lawyer.)

Tl,DR; Did Egosoft allow someone to use x3 in game music to be used and modified and then sold as a totally separate product, with no ties to them?

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Post by Xenon_Slayer » Thu, 5. Apr 18, 16:57

Thanks for bringing this up. I'll pass it on.

Would be funny if our X3 stream gets taken down because of music...

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