The unseen Crystal Factory Complex !

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Nort The Fragrent
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The unseen Crystal Factory Complex !

Post by Nort The Fragrent » Tue, 6. Mar 18, 02:54

To get Crystals ! And only see a Silicon Mine! (TC,AP)

Silicon mine L, on a Silicon Rock Yield 26 or larger.
Depending on where you get your Crystal fab L from, think of the food it needs

1 Large Silicon Mine.
1 large Cattle Ranch.
1 large Cahoona Bakery.
1 Large crystal Fab.
1 Medium Solar Power Plant.

4 complex construction kits.

First plant your Silicon mine, have a large freighter waiting full with Energy cells.
Get the Silicon Mine up and running, Stop it trading in options.
Have the Cattle ranch waiting deployment.
Save the Game,, This allows you to retry if things go wrong!
Now this is the tricky bit,
Put the Cattle Ranch right smack in the middle of the Asteroid !!
( Do not rotate it)
Drop the First and most important Complex Construction Kit.
Attach it to the Silicon Mine First, Then the Cattle Ranch
Take your time getting it facing where you want!
Then Set it.
If it shoots way out where you don't want it. Start again by reloading the game.
This is very important to get right.
Then add the Cahoona Bakery.
When adding each successive Factory, put it right smack in the middle of the asteroid!
Select the silicon mine First each time, then the new Factory. This keeps the Hub in the same place.
Do the same for the Crystal Fab.
Finely Add in the Medium Power Station.
This will produce Crystal's from one Rock, with no need for ships.
Silicon Yield of at least 26, else things run out.
With larger Yields, you need to do the math, to make sure each station in the group, has enough resources.

Yield 26, is just about the minimum, required to make this work.
And all your Factory's are tucked up safe and sound inside the Rock.

Left over Produce per Hour:
Energy Cells = 164
Argnu Beef = 0
Meatstake Cahoonas = 0
Silicon Waffers = 14
Crystals = 166

So now you can dip in and take 166 Crystals each hour.

You can with larger Yield Rocks fit a lot more Factory's inside but you must crunch the numbers first. Else it can end up a big mess. Constantly running out of commodity's.

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Post by RainerPrem » Tue, 6. Mar 18, 06:36


you *can* do it the other way around. If you start with a crystal fab and two CAGs you can take advantage buying cheap food, silicone and energy cells in the vicinity.

Especially silicone is dirt cheap in the early game.


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Post by DrSuperEvil » Tue, 6. Mar 18, 08:05

You are aware that as long as the player ship is in sector all those stations will be taking periodic damage.

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 6. Mar 18, 16:07

@ DSE: I don't believe they do once they are complexed. Link.
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Nort The Fragrent
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Post by Nort The Fragrent » Tue, 6. Mar 18, 18:31

Damage occurs when deploying a station in a very tight space, up until it gets connected. Then it recovers.
Fitting all the stations inside the asteroid , keeps all the pipping hidden.
Nice and neat,
And if you have a lot in a tight space and are confused! Just study the connected station list. It's all there for you to administer.

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Post by TTD » Wed, 7. Mar 18, 13:25

hunt out my story /guide in creative.... Ramblings of an Argon Nephew ... highlight=

if you want to get straight to it go to page 13/ 14

in there I write in detail about making a full complex in one spot.

It is linked in the SuperBox, also

wow! nearly nine years ago !
how time flies

Nort The Fragrent
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Post by Nort The Fragrent » Wed, 7. Mar 18, 17:39

Thank you TTD !
My Travels in the x have been far and wide, resulting in many failures and conflicts. Yet each resurrection in my Argon Buster gave new hope with wisdom abound.
I have for the most part remained Harmless @ 0%. And concentrated on trading to elevate my %. This all happened like you many years back, and now I am back at the helm taking another path.
I have identified my safe Universe, and deliberately not ventured into Historical Bad sectors.
Yet my vast lists of data regarding where to obtain cheep stations and Fast fat ships presented a conundrum.
How to Get to Queens Retribution for my SPP XL.
Enter the advantage of the small scanner! And fast fighter. I Use The Pirinid Pegasus raider as my go to scout ship. This is available when your rank is low and funds are small!

Getting shipyard Data! And avoid your trading ships wondering into bad sectors!
Enter the sector (in your Pegasus) at slow speed, do an immediate 180 and fly behind the Gate. This stops the small scanner logging any stations in the sector. Fly out around the sector making sure you stay out of scanner range, then onto the next sector. Keep doing this until reaching Queens Retribution. When docked at the Shipyard, purchase an Octopus, Do not upgrade it. Change its name to " Do Not Fly Me "
Now carefully make your way back, making sure not to log any stations. (no jump drive!) By doing this any Universe trading ships will not go into the blank sectors and get attacked.
The Octopus allows you to keep an eye on the shipyard, Do this for other out of your safe universe shipyards. Then later when you have your own ST Ship you can jump in and out, picking up what you want.
Once your fleet of Trading Captains have raised a large enough pile of cash. Reset them to local trading (3 sector range) study your safe Universe map and have them trade in non overlapping zones. This stops them from venturing into undesirable sectors such as Omicron Lyrae, where they will dye.

I am again playing with no weapons, and no shots fired. This keeps all my trading races happy, and thus more cash to play with.
No ships on active patrol, as this just invites trouble.
Any fighters are locked up in a Taladi trading station (holds lots of ships!), dormant, only let out if required.

Over all objective!
To get as many different ships as I can. One of each, and start a Galactic Museum!

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It's as big as you want it to be!

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Post by Nanook » Thu, 8. Mar 18, 00:37

Nort The Fragrent wrote:...By doing this any Universe trading ships will not go into the blank sectors and get attacked...
Not entirely true. If you're using UT's, occasionally they may run out of jump fuel and take the shortest route to the nearest energy supplier, or to their next shopping target. When that happens, they can wander into any sector you've previously visited, opening it up. Once they've detected the stations, they can then trade with them.

So you have two options. Either don't use UT's, or play AP which allows you to blacklist sectors for your traders. :)
Having an Acronym Attack? See the Ego FAQ. Also now for Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude.
NOT an Egosoft employee.

Nort The Fragrent
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Post by Nort The Fragrent » Thu, 8. Mar 18, 01:56

I like being not entirely true, it gives purpose to the Knowledgeable!

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