Otas Skiron loadout

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Otas Skiron loadout

Post by Goldfinch » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 08:16

I just bought a Skiron because... I wanted to. I've not really used M6s before so can someone suggest a good loadout for it? I was thinking of using Phased Repeater Guns in the turrets for missile and fighter defence, but will they be damaging enough to take out M3s if I can't bring my main guns round? I'm also concerned about energy usage, I don't want my turrets wasting it all firing at ships they can't hit properly. I can mount Energy Bolt Chainguns on the turrets too which might be good idea, but I have no idea how effective they are or how quickly they will use up ammunition.

For the main guns I was thinking of using a mix of HEPTs and CIGs. I don't know how well the ship can sustain these, and I'm also considering using an Ion Disruptor as I want to use it to board other M6s (it can be used as a boarding craft, right?). Would 5 HEPTs, 2 CIGs and an Ion Disruptor be a decent setup?

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Post by Painman » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 09:03

It's not hard to track an M3 in an M6. You don't need your turret fire for their sake. Having said that, PRGs are great all-around turret choices. They're somewhere between an IRE and a PAC: Great projectile speed, good ~2 Km range, not incredibly damaging though. They'll do a good job of mangling M5 and tormenting M4, brilliant for Missile Defense, but aren't much Vs. an M3 either dually or singly.

Now, HEPT Vs. CIG... I'd just stick with HEPT; their fire rate is WAY higher than CIG, with slightly faster projectile speed, Vs. higher range and more damage per shot via CIG. You'll kill stuff faster with HEPT, hands down. It's a matter of 283 rounds/minute with HEPT and 75 with CIG.

If you want to keep Ions around for boarding attempts, I'd try something like: 6 HEPT and 2 Ion forward mounted, with PRGs in your turrets (Attack Target front, Missile Defense for the rest).

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Post by nilshansson9 » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 09:24

Mine has 4 CIGs and 2 HEPTs for the mains, then just PRGs on the turrets. I am able to win a fight of about 6 Xenon vs me however theres alot of strafeing etc. The energy lasts long enough for you to kill a P if every shot hits. so yea might be better having an ammo based gun on the turrets though so all energy is focused on the main guns.

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Post by jannix » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 10:08

I bought a collection of weapons to experiment on my skiron. Full HEPT on front (or 6 to sustain fire longer) seems good. I am not all that impressed with CIGs.

As for turrets, I too went with Phased Repeaters all around for starters. But I am thinking of experimenting a bit. The ammo based Energy Bolt Chaingun sounds nice! - faster than HEPT and yet about the same damage, with half the energy requirements for firing.

Has anyone tried this weapon? There is also this Ion pulse generator it can take. I am curious how effective that is (range, firespeed, damage) compared to Ion Disruptors. If i get time, I want to experiment a bit with a 4xHEPT and 4xID or IPG (for bringing down shields first) combo for front. This might be more effective in combat against M6 targets than say, all HEPT?

More experienced Skiron users, give us input! :)

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Post by Goldfinch » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 10:51

I think I'll go with 6 HEPT and 2 ID on the front for now, PRGs on the turrets. Given that I can frequently destroy M6s in one pass with 4 HEPTs on my Chimera, 6 should be plenty unless I want to go up against capitals. I'll experiment with the chainguns sometime, the stats look good but they are slower than the PRGs so may not be great turret weapons.

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Post by summon_libre » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 19:26

It really depends whether you're flying it yourself or leaving the AI in charge

When flying myself, I usually just stick Energy Bolt Chainguns on all the turrets so I can go with a full forward battery of CIGs (or HEPTs) to deal damage.

In the hands of an AI I usually just stick HEPTs on all the turrets and 4x CIG 4x PSG on the front. Not great against smaller fighters but then I have my own fighters for that :P

What order you give the turrets effects it too. If you just stick 'Missile Defence' they don't fire very frequently, whereas 'Attack all Enemies' makes them randomly shoot ones they have no chance of hitting. I find 'Protect Ship' works quite well as it fires at the enemies which are doing a pass and hittable even with HEPTs, in my experience.

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Post by Stoats not Goats » Wed, 20. Dec 17, 02:49

Personally I fit out my skiron with the following:

Main: 4 CIGs, 3 HEPTs and one ion disruptor (for the M5s)
Left/Right: All HEPTS
Back: All PRGs

with this loadout (you mightn't like it) I kill xenon Qs without support.
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Post by Nanook » Wed, 20. Dec 17, 23:14

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