Mod Request: Pirate Spawn All Ships

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Mod Request: Pirate Spawn All Ships

Post by immortalfrieza » Fri, 2. Jun 17, 04:05

To put it simply, I'd like for a mod that makes it possible for pirates to spawn with any given ship in the game, with the exception of the Xenon and Kha'ak, all fully able to be captured (pirate colors and such are up to the modder.) As it is pirates don't spawn in anything besides M3 fighters, unless you count smugglers who still don't spawn in any capital ship or TL, and I don't think there's any that spawn in TPs either.

This is because I like to cap to acquire ships rather than purchase them, so I'd love to be able to cap my way to acquiring every ship in the game, without pissing off every race in the bargain. I have yet to play games past X3 Reunion so I don't know if it changes but if not, something similar for TC and AP too would also be appreciated.

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Post by Hank001 » Thu, 15. Feb 18, 13:37

I remember back in the dark ages a script just like that only it allowed only a few ships. You should be able to take it and then add what you please.

Just make a script that cancels this after they kill most of you're trade empire you'll need to get cash... Strike that you'll probably find all those $$$$ scripts too. :D
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