USS Saratoga docking errors

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USS Saratoga docking errors

Post by NecronLord0_0 » Thu, 23. Aug 07, 01:17

Hey, been playing a looong time.

Just started using forums and have enjoyed alot of the mods, scripts and ships I have DLed.

Everywhere I have found the USS Saratoga from Space above and beyond has had an error.

I cant dock a single fighter in her. I have the option to do it manually or on auto however it wont spot me a docking light at all, it will either sit still at 13ms or go in different positions to try an dock but never dock while in AP.

I have tested it numerous times in various scenarios, none seem to work.

I am running in XTM.

Any type of help will be great.

Thanks guys.

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Post by Bertone » Thu, 23. Aug 07, 01:56

Same problem in vanilla game...

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Post by Dark000 » Fri, 23. Sep 16, 23:24

Hello ! On the docks found a fix?

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Post by UniTrader » Sat, 24. Sep 16, 18:46

i think that ship has no docking port defined, so ships an only dock OOS (or the player via docking computer) and "undock" by spawning them at random positions around the Ship....
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