x3 reunion crashes

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Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 10. Jun 15, 11:52

'Ignore last settings and start with default' is a tick box on the small splash screen you get in the centre of the screen when you first start the game. That option clears all user-made changes to the game settings.

On that same splash screen, you can instead select 'Graphics Settings' and then in the graphics screen select 'Reset to Default' if you want to keep any non-graphics game options you have already set up.
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Post by tawhitt » Tue, 23. Jun 15, 22:49

Terre.i tried to run the game with ignore settings checked and i also reset to default in the graphics settings in the game menu, as far as the idt driver is concerned i dont see it in the device manager the only thing with idt on it is a audio codex package, is this what u mean? oh the game did not run with the graphics settings changed,i wonder why ALL the other x games (i have them all)run on this rig but not x reunion i mean xbtf and xrebirth and every one in between runs except x reunion.

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Post by Terre » Wed, 24. Jun 15, 09:40

Sorry, I'm out of ideas.


Post by tawhitt » Wed, 24. Jun 15, 20:02

Terre,thanks for trying bro, i appreciate all your help even if we didn't get the game to run i am getting a new computer soon and maybe it will run on it, at least i hope it does but in the mean time i still have lots of options to get my x fix,if u think of anything else we can try in the future please advise.

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