Canteran Refinery Ship (Produces Reinforced Metal Plates)

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Canteran Refinery Ship (Produces Reinforced Metal Plates)

Post by bradines » Sat, 28. Mar 15, 20:08

ok, i made the ship and it works. now it has some problems and i could use some help.... i have solved the production issues, but i can't get the manger and specialist to give bonuses to production....

i need help i think its a class problem where this is a ship but the class needs to be station for the manager and specialist to work on it properly... can some one help me.... with stuff this mod needs.

Canteran Refinery Ship (Produces Reinforced Metal Plates) ... =402121543

stuff i could use is help with
A. language translations, all of mine are English right now..

B. turret facing help i need to understand how facing is done so i can line the turrets up better.

C. need help making management give bonuses to the production plant...

D. anything you think i missed.

thanks for reading

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Post by alexalsp » Sun, 29. Mar 15, 14:59 ... a96511.png ... 09537d.png ... 535a82.png ... f87c65.png

X Rebirth\extensions\canteran_refinery_ship_design\assets\units\size_xl\macros\

Code: Select all

	  	        <connection ref="ConnectionFor_struct_econ_ref_ar_pmc_u_macro">
tags="primary" />
        <macro ref="struct_econ_ref_ar_pmc_u_macro" connection="space" />

X Rebirth\extensions\canteran_refinery_ship_design\assets\units\size_xl\

Code: Select all

			<connection name="ConnectionFor_struct_econ_ref_ar_pmc_u_macro" group="stationGroup" tags="radar">
					<position x="1.825121" y="100.6743" z="-656.2321"/>
					<quaternion qx="2.959768E-13" qy="-1" qz="-5.762881E-20" qw="1.947072E-07"/>


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Post by bradines » Sun, 29. Mar 15, 15:05

lol, yeah i need to add a radar, might need to shrink it down some lol
or add an invisible one.

ill get on that. thank you so much.

Vim Razz
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Post by Vim Razz » Mon, 30. Mar 15, 10:42

This and the ice refinery ship are really interesting projects.

I've been trying to see if I can get managers and specialists to behave in the way you seem to want them to, but have had no luck with it. I'll let you know if I find anything useful.

As a side note --- the Ice ship currently breaks foodrations. The expression you're looking for is maybe something like

Code: Select all

	<replace sel="//ware[@id='foodrations']/production[@method='devries']">

If so, you might also want to note in the ice ship's description that it completely re-balances the Canteran economy.

good luck!

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