X3AP version 2.0 – The war continues

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X3AP version 2.0 – The war continues

Post by CBJ » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:08

We are pleased to announce that X3: Albion Prelude 2.0 is now available! The latest update includes two new mini-plots and a number of additional features and bugfixes.

One of the new mini-plots draws the Boron deeper into the war than ever before and provides the player with access to the mysterious Xenon HUB. The second re-introduces the secret Unfocussed Jumpdrive and the mighty Player Headquarters, the latter providing a new function to easily equip newly built or bought ships – a function that all fleet commanders will no doubt appreciate.

With the ongoing war and the associated investment in new assets, it's no surprise that the various races have come up with a new type of ship to support their war fleets. With version 2.0 the X-Universe sees the first examples of this new category of fast, light escort carrier. If you are too busy doing other things to follow the regular war reports, version 2.0 brings a function to disable these reports until you want to take part in the war again. In addition, new graphs give you a better overview of your property and your current progress. We also have good news for all Polish players, as X3AP version 2.0 will include a complete Polish text translation.

As well as adding new content and features, the latest development also eradicated some of the most annoying bugs. Amongst others, the problem of ships forgetting their commands and some related bugs with the Rapid Response fleets have been fixed. As usual the complete changelog can be found in the documents folder of your X3: Albion Prelude installation directory.

X3: Albion Prelude 2.0 is available now for download over Steam. The Steam client will automatically update your game to the latest version, provided it has not been configured to prevent this.

X3: Albion Prelude 2.0 Trailer - the war continues

New Features and Improvements:

- New mini-plot: The HUB
- New mini-plot: Player HQ and UFJD
- New ships
- New graphs
- Added option to disable war reports
- Megalodon and Xenon I rebalanced and adjusted
- Introduced setup time for new lasertowers
- Made USC Baldric Miner available for purchase
- New sector music tracks in certain sectors
- Prevent purging all marines, so theres always some available
- Improved UI handling of typing repeated letters in text fields
- Improved graph axis display to use round numbers where possible
- Added minimum notoriety requirement for buying Lasertowers.
- Added achievements for new mini-plots
- Added war missions to stats export
- Added new script commands to support new graphs
- Added script command to get complex hangar of factory
- Added missing beacon, drone and mine classes to script editor class list
- Added <set_notoriety> action to Mission Director for setting notoriety between non-player races
- Added {object.realigntime@hub} variable for Mission Director for next available HUB gate realignment
- Added hue/saturation global parameters for "spare" races for use by modders


- Fixed more cases of stuck comms windows
- Fixed formatting of numbers in certain cases
- Fixed issues with missing voice when loading saved game in a different language
- Fixed attacked signal for Sector/Universe Trader
- Fixed weapon switching when going out of sector
- Fixed menu display for Defend Sector command
- Fixed RRF stopping ship commands when it shouldn't
- Fixed emergency jump and 100% shield recharge for RRF ships.
- Fixed duplicate actions when using Force option in Mission Director debug window
- Fixed duplicate events in Mission Director when a variable refers to the player ship
- Fixed changing of current sector background using <alter_sector> in Mission Director

Mark III
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Post by Mark III » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:26

Awesome :P

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Post by kurush » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:27

the latter providing a new function to easily equip newly built or bought ships – a function that all fleet commanders will no doubt appreciate.
This is one best thing that ever happened to X3, imo. What about all these rumors of EQ storage shrinkage? I am afraid to load my game now - Steam probably already updated it, what if I lose my precious trinkets stored @ HQ?

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Post by KurTr » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:34

Ultimate Rage.
Steam doesnt update the game.

How can i get the update without steam?

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Post by TiGGs » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:35

Just a rumor. The storage hasn't change in my game.

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Post by Urschleim » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:35

nice, ty egosoft !!

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Post by CBJ » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:37

KurTr wrote:Steam doesnt update the game.

How can i get the update without steam?
Steam does update the game. Make sure you are in online mode and have not disabled updates, then just try and run the game. It will update.

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Post by Shootist » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:39

Thanks Egosoft. Friday and everything.

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Post by Deimos68 » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:42

Kewl, Thnkx Egosoft for the weekend release, i thought it was coming out on monday..
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Ebon Page
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Post by Ebon Page » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:46

Thanks Egosoft!! Nice surprise!

I'm really curious about the hub plot requirements :D 8)

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Winter Dragon
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Post by Winter Dragon » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:47

Cheers for the update!

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Post by Sakurabisu » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:48

That new Megalodon, yum.

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Post by Raider480 » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:49

Cool, thanks Ego, should keep me busy this weekend. Here's to hoping my big X3 chip fabs don't need to be rebuilt for that hub/HQ though...

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Post by dlryan » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 01:55

No hub/HQ if you play Terran...

The Hub plot took up well over 50% of my time doing anything in X3 TC.

I much prefer playing Terran.

Do you see what I am getting at?

I appreciate the work on the patch and the weekend release, but that has removed half the game for every Terran player. Thanks but no thanks. I will continue to play TC exclusively.

There's a reason many people didn't play AP; It was for the HUB/HQ. This patch does absolutely nothing for those playing Terran. (Guess that's a good 50% of players maybe?)
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Post by Cedrk » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 02:02


But my beast gaming laptop is being fixed........

I can't play it..........


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