[Discussion] Sector Takeover and Locking

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Serial Kicked
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Post by Serial Kicked » Thu, 2. Sep 10, 18:59

Dully noted.

Consider future versions of PG' sector takeover compatible with STO.
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Post by Trickmov » Thu, 2. Sep 10, 19:09

Thanks :)

EDIT: As soon you are ready with the libs, I will use plugin.sk.sector.restore($sector) to get/set the ownership.

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Post by Litcube » Sat, 23. Oct 10, 19:47

Sorry I'm late!

I love the idea of mod authors working together! However, can someone give me a scenario where two different sector takeover plugins would need to know which sectors were taken over? The only reason I can think of an event where any information is required is the original sector owner. The current sector owner should be played organically; all plugins should react to the in game [SECTOR]-> get owner race, which wouldn't necessarily require a global array.

I'm totally not disagreeing with the general concept here, I think I just might be missing something. :)

Also, if it were implemented, I agree with Serial's original structure as opposed to a 2D array. The library should be one script written with DARC array parameters (Delete, Add, Return, Clear). Direct interface with the global variable should be illegal.

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Post by Greetmir » Sat, 23. Oct 10, 20:08

Serial Kicked wrote:Dully noted.

You read what he typed but found it dull ?

hee hee

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Post by LV » Sat, 23. Oct 10, 22:54

just lock the sector via

gv $sec+'community.block'

then unlock it via nullifying

i can code that in to check when scanning much easier than pissing around with arrays as it's a 2 line check then which i may have to put in separate scripts if i'm not lucky

and if you do so don't forget to remind me (possibly more than once ;))
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