[Mod] OWP Real External docking - Released 12.08.2010

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[Mod] OWP Real External docking - Released 12.08.2010

Post by xiriod » Thu, 12. Aug 10, 16:44

OWP Real External docking - (Released 12.08.2010)

These three scenes add real external docking to the Small, Medium and Large OWP's. 5 for the Small, and 10 for the Medium and Large. The Large also has internal docking to begin with, but that can only hold fighters. External docking can also hold TS/TP/TM, M8 and M6. Personally I feel they are a lot more useful now.

To enable the Small and Medium to actually dock fighters you need to modify 'TShips' with 5 and 10 Docking Slots respectively. You also need to add space to the Large at your own preference. My suggestion would be 20 for Large, but that's up to you.

Why haven't I done this for you? Well, there are all kinds of mods that modify TShips, and to be honest using Doubleshadow's X3 Editor 2 is as easy as it gets. Open TShips, find Small Orbital Weapons Platform and change the parameter 'Docking slots' to 5, save, as an example.

I will include a false-patch cat/dat, which may be possible to use for those not running any mods that alter TShips or OWP scenes. Only those people should try to use that. Rename xx.cat/dat to the number above the highest in your directory. The rest, just copy the directory included in the archive to your game directory. This mod is not compatible with anything that modifies the Scenes of these OWP's though, although it would be possible to merge easily enough.

This mod can be used in conjunction with this:

Add Orbital Weapons Platforms to Argon Prime Shipyard v1.01

or any other mod that adds them to the game.

Version history:

v1.00 Initial release


Disclaimer: I may, or may not, expand upon this mod. But as far as I am concerned, I have achieved what I wanted to do and thus it is not very likely. So don't get your hopes up. Anyone wishing to use this in their mod or otherwise is free to do so as long as credits are given where credits are due.

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