[TC] [REQ] Info on rare 'one chance to cap per game' ships.

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[REQ] Info on rare 'one chance to cap per game' ships.

Post by Fresh Meat » Sat, 10. Jul 10, 13:48

First off...I'd bet that what I'm requesting has likely been brought up before, and that there is another thread on the matter, but i couldn't find it. So sorry for creating a repeat post if i am, and feel free to point me towards said thread if one exists.

Basically, what I'm looking for is a list of ships that come up during plots that are cap'able and you can only ever acquire them during that plot. Once the plot is complete, then you are likely SOL on ever acquiring that ship ever again unless you start a new game.
For example, the #deca, that dolphin transport during the HUB plot, and the Vidar (as far as i know. i haven't seen it flying around Terran space so far).
I found this link on another thread, which contains the same sort of info I'm looking for.
If i didn't stumble on that link before going through the HQ plot, then i never would have acquired the Susanowa Prototype.

My overall goal is this...
With my version of the game (Vanilla X3:TC on Steam, so version 2.7.1 or whatever's current) i want to have every blueprint possible at my HQ. For those that aren't possible to reverse engineer (I'm looking at you Experimental Shuttle), I'd still like to have the ability to fly those ships.

PS: In regards to the link i provided above. If anyone has a similar sort of listing that provides info on what a High Tech Trader, Mineral Transporter, or other ships named something other than the type of ship they are. Could you point me towards it? It might help with capping some unbuyable ships.

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Post by Catra » Sat, 10. Jul 10, 20:09

-theres another vidar thats in the taskforce that goes with you to aldrin. (when it is captured, it will still jump there.)
-(even though theres alot) theres also a very easily captureable Terran Vali in that strike group(also still jumps).

-the Goner truelight seeker, you can keep the one that youre required to capture by doing the same method you used to capture the #DECA.

-while using the NPC bail addon, ive noticed that the ATF Fighters piloted by the Terrans in the mission where you have to board the Split TL are the only ATF fighters that have their claim option enabled, wether or not you can legitimately make them bail has yet to be determined.

all in all, you pretty much made the list already.

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