Downloadable M0 Class Ships??

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Post by Boris_The_Blade » Mon, 17. Sep 07, 11:28

Boron-aren't that popular so why make something for no-one but me.....

Teladi-do you want a ship thats worst than the Pheonix? Even less turning (if thats possible) and looks so stupid (like lego made by a 2yr old) just all grey and dull.

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Post by Bertone » Mon, 17. Sep 07, 12:38

I really LOVE Phoenix... I consider the idea of a even bigger Phoenix-style ship absolutely AWESOME...


For the Boron ships, I think their one-of-a-kind shapes are very beautiful or absolutely horrible, no average opinions.

But I think that for a matter of completion and balance ALL races should have an M0 ship...


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Post by ArseZ » Fri, 18. Jun 10, 22:06

any1 no how to extract argon m0 from Xtended and put into original reunion? :(

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Post by jlehtone » Fri, 18. Jun 10, 22:26

ArseZ wrote:any1 no how to extract argon m0 from Xtended and put into original reunion? :(
That is a XTM question, for which this forum does have a "XTM Tech Support" thread, and naturally the website of the Xtended Mod ought to help too.

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Post by RedEyedRaven » Fri, 18. Jun 10, 22:27

in XTM, the main reason for Boron and Teladi not having M0 appears to be the nature of the Borons on the one hand and the fact that the Phoenix is already competitive to the available M0's in XTM.

Borons instead have the only Egosoft-M7 besides the Hyperion in the whole mod and another High-End-M6 (namely the Krait).

Teladi have a very big M2 that has a similar shield system the M0 in XTM usually use. So why do they actually need a considered M0 on top while their M2 has many specs that would make it a M0 technically as well?
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Post by ArseZ » Fri, 18. Jun 10, 23:56

ok thx

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Post by zombie-uk » Sat, 10. Jul 10, 19:49

Considering XTM, i noticed that the Valhalla is nearly Outgunned by the TL Class Asguard. I tend to use Asguards to patrol and protect my weaker Ships and Stations as welll as transporting stuff. An Alround Veritial Ship that can rip through Xenon Js and Ks without breaking a Sweat, is this Ship perhap a M0 in Disguise? Classed as a TL but Can easaliy cripple any fleet that comes on its Bad size.

Hope to see that Ship in XTC XTM.
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X3 Reunion i love it.

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