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Bill Huntington
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Capping the Skirnir

Post by Bill Huntington » Sun, 23. May 10, 20:52

I wanted to finish up my Moon sector ambush of Tyrs by collecting a few Skirnirs. I noticed that they hang around the capped ship until you jump it out and even a while longer. So I gather the team after the last cap, and the supporting Tyr has trouble hitting the Skirnir with its overcharged shots. My shots were right on the blue reticle, but I had to shoot 4 times to hit him twice. That small profile and constantly changing flight pattern.

When I went to cap the Skirnir in my Sirokos, I have trouble closing with him. Besides a zig zag course, when I am closing to finish launching pods, he does a 3 revolution corkscrew barrel roll! The only place I could bump him to lower his shields was a rear engine mount that he turning around.

I haven't capped a Skirnir for a while. When did they get that hard to cap? I guess I'm lucky they didn't turn red and start launching Shadow missiles at me and the team.

I got that one, but the others disappeared before I finished capping the first one. Usually they just exit throught the Venus gate and proceed on their route. This time they just disappeared ??? I didn't lose Terran rep so I didn't do it.

Is the Skirnir hard to cap now?
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Post by Bothersome » Mon, 24. May 10, 17:55

Yeah, that's one ship you DON"T want to turn red... :D

I haven't tried to cap that one yet in 2.6...

But an idea... Find one alone somewhere and use the conventional method of heavy hammers and flails. I don't remember if he shoots down missiles?

What you will need to do is get withing triplex range or drop a close satellite, target it, then move away to extreme range so he wont find you as a target. Then commence your hostile actions.

Just a thought.
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Post by kurush » Mon, 24. May 10, 18:14

The best sector to cap a skirnir appears after you finish 2-nd Aldrin plot. It is the Terran Unk Sector next to the Xenon Sector (unnumbered). They spawn there without any escort. You can annoy it with a Springblossom, make sure it wastes all Shadow missiles on you, get rid of them and then lure an empty Skirnir to your Cobra...
You can also trick a Tyr/Skirnir patrol to take a hike through some pirate/Xenon sectors using the HUB. It takes longer but could be more interesting. I did both.

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Post by EnderIII » Mon, 24. May 10, 22:47

I caught mine in the neptune sector, the one that gets the terran gate after the aldrin plot. ATF is different from Terran, so attacking ATF does not turn terran against you.

I capped it like any other ship, used flails and hammers and then launched boarding pods. It did not fire a single missle back at me. If it did I didn't notice because my turrets caught it.

Captured a vali right after.

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Post by Springblossom » Tue, 15. Jun 10, 23:33

I usually find a Skirnir in Venus sector with a few Vali escorts, relatively unguarded. Valis can be easily dealt with. you may want to lure them away from the secor core so that no other patrols interfere. the Springblossom is very effective againts the Skirnir because the shadow missiles cant catch up with you. you set your turrets to missile defense, preferably with SSC guns, until it runs out of missiles, then demolish the shield, send in 3-4 heavy fighters with ion disruptors which keeps the shields low, boarding pod and pray for your marines being successful. for some reason the Skirnir I tried last had very strong marine defense, I sent in 10 marines, relatively well trained, and all of them got toasted, no matter how much I reloaded the game so I gave up and I'll try it again when I got 20 fully trained marines. before, I capped a SKirnir with 5 noobz. dunno whats the difference, maybemy fight rank is too high and it affects the internal defense of ships against me (?)
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Post by StarTroll » Tue, 15. Jun 10, 23:36

I usually find mine in the TUS 2, as escorts for Tyrs or Odin, and often 3 per Tyr. I currently never had to fear them, as they never seem to fire a single missile towards me (even the newly spawned ones with 2.7), so I had a Tyr + Skirnir + Skirnir + Skirir streak once :) it took a really short timt to cap all those.
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