[Script] Fix Attack Command

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[Script] Fix Attack Command

Post by moggy2 » Sat, 19. Aug 06, 18:26

Download: http://www.xai-corp.net/project/fixAttackCmd

This is a simple fix to make the ''attack...'' command switch to ''attack all'' when the initial target has been destroyed. This prevents player ships from becoming sitting ducks.

This script has no effect on NPC ship, only player owned ships.

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Post by voxol » Mon, 21. Aug 06, 06:16

Well this has been a long time coming. Definately necessary and should have been there from the beginning! I actually ended up writing a new command to try and overcome this problem, but this idea is much more elegant. Nice one.

Cheers for this,


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Post by InvrSmall » Mon, 21. Aug 06, 18:03

Nice one. :thumb_up: :D

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Post by BlueSabor » Tue, 22. Aug 06, 21:58

Thats better. Thanks :wink:

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Post by raghost » Tue, 6. Mar 07, 16:32

well, havn't had problem with attack command yet, but if the script says fix than i will download and fix the command :lol:

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