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[SCRIPT] Salvage Claim Software V1.05 : Updated 29/06/06

Posted: Mon, 19. Dec 05, 18:41
by Cycrow
Name: X3 Salvage Claim Software
Version: V1.05
Author: Cycrow
Updated: 29/06/2006

System Override Software MK2 has been rename to Salvage claim Software, and it also now uses EMP as the ware, so no more conflicts with other scripts. Both version are currently available and still have the same function

:arrow: Salvage Claim Software V1.05: Download

:idea: To install you need the X3 Script Installer from Here
:idea: I suggest uninstalling SOS MK2 script before installing the new Salvage Claim Software, as it is classed as a different script


* Added Support for Xperiment Fusion Mod
* Fixed stock levels in equipment docks

* Added uninstall scripts
* Added text entry for hotkey

* Changed clamining sound

* Fixed claiming of multiple ships
* Fixed for non english versions

* Ships must be stationary to claim


The script adds a new upgrade for your ship, the System Override Software MK2, which allows you to claim ships
unlike the original, this version isn't illegeal, and will work over a bigger distance but cost alot more.

1. Using the software

There are 2 methods to use the software

Method 1: Via you ships command console

with the software installed, you should have a new command under the piracy menu to claim ships.
Once selected, you will have to select a ship you want to claim, this must be a ship without a pilot, then the autopilot
will fly close enough to the claim the ship, once you close enough, the software will automatically claim the ship for you

Method 2: Targeted Hotkey

There is a hotkey that you can use on a targeted ship, this hotkey must first be set in you controls options.
To use, you target a claimable ship, ie one without a pilot and be within 5km of the ship, then just press the hotkey to claim that ship.

2. Assigning Hotkey

You will find it under the interface menu near the bottom in the section called Extensions.
The hot key is "Claim Targeted Ship".


Posted: Mon, 19. Dec 05, 20:28
by Stevio
sounds cool

alot easier job than taking a little walk. you don't have to kill every pirate in sector to claim a ship now.

good work


Posted: Mon, 19. Dec 05, 20:49
by spaceweedaddict
:D YES!! I love all your work, keep it up!

Posted: Mon, 19. Dec 05, 23:55
by Stevio
oh where can you buy it


EQ dock??? (which race???)



Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 00:30
by Cycrow
ah i shoulda mentioned that, its at pirate bases like the original one :)

Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 00:32
by TinkerBell
stevio wrote:oh where can you buy it
Pirate Bases by the look of it (but it's hard reading XML in notepad :) )

EDIT: Cycrow, you're too fast for your own good :)

Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 00:34
by Cycrow
seems i was missing a file :(
i've updated it now so if u get the new version it should work

Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 00:51
by Stevio
is the t-file named 448101 by any chance i cant remeber if so it clashes with th t-file of personnel energy generator

'coz if the sos mk2 costs 6mill then it does 'coz mine is saying personnel energy generator'

is it just a name mistake(that does not matter)

or will it effect both scripts



Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 02:01
by Cycrow
it does cost 6 million yeah
looks like they might use the same ware
not much i can do about that really, as there isn't many avaialble wares, especially at a decent price :(

im not actaully sure if it will it will work, but i think it should work ok, just with the wrong name, only way to tell is once u've installed it, check that you have the piracy option in your ships commands

Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 02:31
by Mehrunes
I think you should just take over the original SOS instead, since it's basically useless. The SOS's original 600k price is not too small to do what your script does. Keep in mind the MK3 Trader only costs 500k and just look at how much money that can make you. :)

Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 02:33
by Cycrow
the problem with that, is that this will also be illegeal, whereas i wanted it so its not illegeal

Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 02:42
by unfunfofmpc
The current setup is a fine one. But I think the SOS Mk2 should be renamed to "Military Grade SOS." The SOS sold by pirates should be considered a cheap, shabby version. Available to anyone willing to buy it.
The Military Grade SOS should be a much more functional version that is not considered illegal to have; however, requires some race rep to buy.

Seem like a good idea Cycrow?

Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 02:44
by Cycrow
yeah sounds good

althou not sure if you can control how much rep poitns you need to purchase stuff via scripts, i will have to look into that

Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 02:46
by Mehrunes
You can always do it the hard way, through the BBS system.

Posted: Tue, 20. Dec 05, 02:59
by Cycrow
yeah could make it on the BBS so you have to upgrade the ship to gain access to it, rather than an actualyl ware you buy

the only problem with that is when u want to transfer it between ships