X³: Reunion - Linux support thread

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Re: X³: Reunion - Linux support thread

Post by peem » Sun, 26. Jul 20, 18:57


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Re: X³: Reunion - Linux support thread

Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 26. Jul 20, 23:55

Please don't.
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Re: X³: Reunion - Linux support thread

Post by Unbekanntes Feindschiff » Thu, 6. Aug 20, 13:53

can confirm. The campaign makes the game segfault during the first mission on modern Linux distributions. After trying it multiple times (trying both the Steam and GOG version), it isn't a set thing at which the game crashes. Sometimes it crashes during the first Khaak battle, sometimes, sometimes when just fliying, but the game is guaranteed to crash when the second Khaak cluster jumps in (the one containing an M3). If you get that far and the game didn't crash on you beforehand, the game usually allows you to fight the cluster for a few seconds before crashing.

Non-campaign gamestarts work fine though

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