The great X Rebirth video competition

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Post by Commodore MJ Fire » Thu, 21. May 15, 01:22

I remember the little writing competition in the german forum- and the surprise after getting a mysterious package a few (or more? :D ) months later- surprise, your price! :D :D :D
The good thing: you're much more excited and thrilled when you get it, because you've already forgotten that you expect a package ;) :D
greetings, MJ Fire

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Post by Denurk » Thu, 21. May 15, 15:15

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Post by birdtable » Mon, 1. Jun 15, 20:53

@ Aken_Bosch

I keep coming back to watch your film and am always impressed ... on the big TV it is just beautiful and very atmospheric.
Only when you watch your film do you realise what an achievement Egosoft have made with this game ... You and Ego should be very proud of the artistry involved.

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