[TC] Operation Final Fury Plot Walkthrough

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Post by Hubert99 » Sat, 4. Jun 11, 17:14

I just finished it using a Deimos and an Ares.
Deimos, all PSG, Ares 200+ Hammer Heavy Torpedoes, and the rest, Flails. I had to jump out soon after I got in the sector, as there were too many fighters, a few corvettes, a dstroyers and a carrier. The corvettes catch up with me, and I jumped out with 10 % shileds. By this time, the destroyer was dead and most of the fighters. After I jumped in again, it was a piece of cake. Did Hammaer the carrier form distance than proceeded towards the Khaak stations. I had the Ares follow me at 12 km, and the spawning Khaak (only fighter calss ships) were all melted on my windshields. When I got in range, sent a single Hammare barrage from the Ares towards all stationary targets. Mission complete. Fight rank was not hight though ... Master Chief I guess.

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Post by twilight_echoes » Wed, 15. Jun 11, 22:08

Finished the whle OFF today in a couple of hours @ Battlemaster without any hitches or bugs acting out in v3.0. A few hints & tips:

Escort missions & the TL mission: It helps to have a small wing of fast interceptors to dispose of stray scouts. 6 x Kestrel works really well. Tell them to attack specific scouts, not "attack all enemies". Once their target is disposed of, "Move to Position" somewhere close to the convoy, ahead of it's current flightpath. Alternatively, have them land on a panther which is set to follow one of the convoy.

For escort missions, piloting a fast m6 like the Hyperion gives plenty of time to intercept Corvettes which seem to spawn about 10km away from the convoy, either above or below it. Never had the irritating TM issues - ever - as nothing got close enough to any TM to cause it to eject fighters.

As others suggest, once your convoy is near the M148 gate, jumping through works to get the to follow quickly.

Khaak sector missions: Completed entirely in Agammemnon without any support vessels. Head towards the Military Outpost staight away on the protect mission, don't bother chasing things down - they will chase you. Deviating just results in endless respawns and not getting anywhere. PSGs are very useful. Sometimes I ended up killing friendlies, but m5s should learn not to get between an Agammemnon and a Carrier.

Final missions: Completed in an Odysseus with no support vessels. Guardians respawn pretty fast, but just methodically working through 1 station & it's guardians at a time is fine. Take out the destroyer & carriers first. PSGs in the back turret take care of the respawns, except respawning Guardians.

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Post by Meneliki » Sat, 17. Sep 11, 05:08

is it normal to have to repeat missions? like... 5,6,7,8,9,10,55 times?

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Post by Vim Razz » Sat, 17. Sep 11, 08:21

Yes, you'll have a randomly generated mission phase (which often tend to repeat since there are only a few mission types) until you reach the OFF rank of "Captain", at which point you'll start the final mission set.

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Post by Meneliki » Sat, 17. Sep 11, 17:22

OFF rank? Not sure how to check that.

My Trade rank is Industrialist and my Combat rank is 'Vindicator'.

Il go have a look and see if i can figure out my "OFF" rank.

EDIT: Ohhhhh I see it. "Operation Final Fury - Lieutenant 15%".

I think Captain must be right after that. Ok, gotcha. Thanks

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Post by MarvinTheMartian » Wed, 12. Oct 11, 08:46

Just finished OFF last night, thanks for another great guide Spike (and all those who contributed) I'd have gone nuts if I didn't know to stay out of the way for the convoy missions!

Did the hard parts in an Agamemnon with a mix of PSG, IBL and CIG, guess a Deimos would do just as well with the same decent speed, shielding and those oh so useful PSGs

Tip for the final mission in K926, as soon as you jump in, fire a couple of swarm missiles at the capitals (typhoons are good) to get their attention then run for a quiet corner and they'll all follow you, they're not quick and you can deal to corvettes and smaller along the way. When you have lured the M1s and M2s far away from the centre of the sector you can jump back to the centre and you'll have far more time to deal with the guardians without a bunch of GKE wielding bugs bothering you.

If you're having real trouble with Khaak cap ships then there is a trick to getting more/all of your missiles through
SETA seems to disable their missile defence, worked on 10x for me as even barrages of tomahawks weren't getting through!
Anyway, now I'm done I have a question for y'all, when/how can I expect the military outpost to go friendly, I bought and trained a couple of good marines while I was breaking a couple of Terrans out of jail and I can't get them back and put them to work ;)
Do I need to find a pirate to hack it?

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Post by Ebonyfly » Wed, 12. Oct 11, 10:46

MarvinTheMartian wrote: Do I need to find a pirate to hack it?
The outpost should have turned friendly ages ago so i think a pirate hack is now the only option.

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Post by StarSword » Wed, 12. Oct 11, 16:46

Hell, I finished OFF months ago, and the stupid Military Outpost is still red. I think a hack is actually a game requirement for some reason.
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Post by Spychotic » Thu, 13. Oct 11, 00:38

If I recall correctly, yes, you do need to hack a Military Outpost to turn its colour after the plot conclusion.

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Post by SkullCowboy » Thu, 13. Oct 11, 18:22

Only been playing TC for about a year, but all the talk about OFF seems to center around the need to have an M7(M) to M2 or a fleet for the final missions. Now I know that your fight rank has some to do with it, but even with medium fight rank, I usually do OFF in a Springblossum. I usually do it early to get the reward ship as soon as possible (call me crazy but I love that ship) but still, the only mission where you aren't really killing what needs to be killed is the m148 invasion. Even there, smart missile tactics do help out the sector defenders. Each time, albeit with some losses, the invasion was beaten. And the final mission is a cakewalk in a Springy loaded with Spectres. Almost nothing can catch you and the M5's that can (and even the M3's and M4's that spawn close) get swatted by your turret SSC's. 15 or so missiles will usually kill a Guardian, that times 3, 10 more for the station, move on to the next set, one more time after that then mission over.

And I am NOT a hot shot pilot either. Just haven't found it to be that difficult.
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Post by MarvinTheMartian » Fri, 14. Oct 11, 09:20

SkullCowboy wrote:Only been playing TC for about a year
Firstly, when so many games have a play-through time of around 14 hours and limited replayability I smile when I see comments like this :)

Anyway, to get back on topic. You have a good point about the Springy, and it is only the Springy IMHO that you can do this in and that's because of the combination of speed and fire-power. Now I'm no ace either and I tried this in my HV initially but those kyons just track you so well that my shields were in trouble too quickly. A Springy though has the speed to move faster than those turrets can track making all the difference.

I did manage to complete the mission in a lone M7 that I stole so you don't have to have massive resources to take on this plot either way, but it helps ;)
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Post by Smart_Bomb » Sun, 26. Feb 12, 22:32

I beat it yesterday just using a Tiger with no bomb launchers. Just came in with 3 laser towers in hold and 60 Mk2 Drones and the rest was typhoon missiles. blew up the destroyer and carrier then I focused on the guardians and stations. During that time 2 new carriers spawned but my missiles blew them up good. :twisted:
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[X3:TC] Brute Force & Ignorance

Post by zapza » Tue, 31. Jul 12, 16:48

First off, a big "Thank You" to Spychotic for an incredibly useful walkthrough; my thanks too to all of the other contributors on this thread.

(I play TC Vanilla on an iMac with no Bonus Pack, Mods etc)

I had been dreading the thought of attempting OFF Plot, mainly due to things I'd read elsewhere about how much more difficult this Plot could be at higher fight ranks and the issues associated with being confronted with ever bigger and more numerous, enemy ships spawning in relation to player ships.

Anyway, before I started OFF I assembled a fair few Capitals and escorts in M148 with a Carrier Group in Omricon Lyrae and few spare Boreas' in the Unknown Sector.

I did most of the Plot missions in a Springblossom and found them to be pretty straightforward, more or less as described/discussed earlier in this thread.

For the "Invasion Mission" I left my main fleet in M148, jumped out flying a Boreas, then immediately returned to find that my fleet had almost totally obliterated all of the attacking forces - just one or two Khaak destroyers floating around which were despatched before I could bring my own missiles to bear.

Expecting the final "Hive" Mission to be extra hard I set about organising and re-arming my ships but rather quickly got the Order to jump into the Hive.

Curious to see what I would be faced with (before multiple re-loads) I abandoned the re-supply tasks and simply jumped in most of my fleets.

Once those orders were given I jumped into the Hive in the Boreas.

The expression "anti-climax" doesn't come close to describing what happened next. . .

The whole thing was over in about 5 minutes !!!

Up came the "Congratulations" cut scene and I was the proud owner of a shiny new Griffon.

I'd expected to suffer significant losses during this mission but I only managed to lose 2 Blastclaws, apparently through collision with a Panther and one Vidar, lost to a Khaak scout. In the heat of whatever battle took place I never saw a Khaak Capital in the Sector.

Anyways, the point of this post is to let any other faint-hearts like me, who are more than a bit reluctant to risk their hard-won assets in a straight fight, that Brute Force and Ignorance can sometimes win the day.
I doff my cap to those of you who manage to complete this mission with scant resources; no way I'd attempt it with just a single M7.

Once again, many thanks to Spychotic et al.


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Post by Playbahnosh » Tue, 31. Jul 12, 17:26


Funny thing is, at the first time I did do the OFF missions with only 2 M6s. At the start I only had my personal Springblossom and the Vidar from the Terran plot, that's it. At some point durint OFF I did buy two more Springys, but all in all, I did not have a huge fleet. I did have some hairy moments in some of the missions, and it was quite challenging throughout (I did lose the Vidar and one Springy in the last two missions). But I enjoyed it immensely. I was afraid too, because of all the horror stories going around about OFF and how impossibly hard it is, but I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, I died a few times (I did the Khaak station scanning mission with only a single Spitfyre, imagine the reloads XD) and I did lose ships (I saved AFTER they were killed, sadly, and I had no intention of doing that last furball again).

I think you've been over-preparing a little. Having a huge fleet of destroyers, you could've taken over the whole universe, let alone do OFF. Of couse it was anti-climactic that way. Try doing it with a single M6, then you'll have "fun" :D

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Post by Thrasher91604 » Tue, 31. Jul 12, 21:52

I did most of it with the Vidar with a combat rating of about 10. Only did the last mission with an Osaka and it was easy. Overall, the hardest part was keeping the traders alive during escort missions. They would fly around randomly before the exit gate while Khaak would spawn in and trash them...

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