[Request] show me your skills..before I pay

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[Request] show me your skills..before I pay

Post by KRM398 » Sat, 23. Nov 13, 17:59

ok heres my point, you need people like marine officers and its pretty well known that without at least 1 star in boarding its a suicide mission for all involved. Now, we can hire these people but all we see is a bunch of ???? all over and we need to trust them to be what we need?? How silly is that, we need to see the stats before we buy, I personally have bought 3 marine officers, and 42 men every time and went out and they all died, not a single one had boarding experience.And when you fire them you dont get your money back so its a total loss.

Now they say they will learn by experience, fine, but the way the game is running now they dont learn they die. There are no smaller ships to practice on, they're there but not boardable at all, not even the option. So we get nothing for our money and then lose half a million or so trying to get them experience, this needs fixed somehow.

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