X2 + Rammstein + Avis = Fan Video No3 (url DL)

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Post by Avis » Sun, 12. Dec 04, 02:03

alas I cant spare any time for making any more videos right now,
other priorities take priority, sorry :-(

maybe in a few months (which is no time in the passing of the forum ;-) )

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Post by |M| » Sun, 12. Dec 04, 02:05

The story'll probably still be going on then :) Give us all a yell when you finally get a chance to do something, i'm sure there will be a few nice juicy battles to watch.

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Post by Urashima Keitaro » Sun, 12. Dec 04, 02:16

Aye, and a few possible avenues still left unexplored.

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Post by matthewfarmery » Tue, 28. Dec 04, 14:33

Hello Avis

I have the perfect batlle for you when you get arounf to making another vid. the start of it can be found here http://facts-x2.com/Board/index.php?sho ... 290&st=200

as the story was moved, if you have any problems understanding some bits either read the whole story or PM me through egosoft website, if you managed to recreate it then I will be very impressed

looking forward to more work from you


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Re: X2 + Rammstein + Avis = Fan Video No3 (url DL)

Post by hubse » Mon, 19. Jul 21, 23:56

Just to say...

this was a great video, but all the links are dead.

For those who are too new to know: there was an epic video, nearly 20 years old, to the music of rammstein


for todays level of 3D-rendering, it was crude... but back then it was outstanding.

So, I'd like to watch that video again...

(I know, it's a hell of a necro)

EDIT: that was a hell of a split mamba dogfight... :-D

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