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Xai Corporation links

Post by moggy2 » Fri, 28. May 04, 22:17

For anyone finding it difficult to find us ;)

Xai Corporation: www.xai-corp.net
I don't know what you'd call it, Clan, Scripting assosiation, Home of some cool scripts?
Xai Corporation scripts are available for download, along with information on future projects and how to get involved with us.

Also hosted at Xai Corp.
The Unofficial X2 Scripting Handbook: www.xai-corp.net/msci-handbook | www.msci-handbook.tk
An interactive handbook to the Manual Ship Computer Interface, better known as the script editor. It is open to contributions and users are encouraged to fill in the blanks.

Note: Old links to www.xai-corp.tk and www.msci-handbook.tk may or may not work depending on how the dot.tk forwarding service is feeling at the time. www.xai-corp.net is much more reliable.
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Post by The_Rock » Fri, 28. May 04, 22:39

home of cool developed scripts really....
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Post by GoateeCat » Mon, 31. May 04, 01:06

Xai Corp. with a side of class, it's what's for dinner.

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Post by The_Tigers_Eye » Mon, 31. May 04, 11:08

Hmm, Quality Scripting Association also sounds good! :thumb_up:

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Post by spikened » Tue, 13. Dec 05, 11:54

When I click the link for Xia Corp, all I get are multipul instances of ad banners on blank pages while the Xia page remains blank. Did Xia corp close down?

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Post by Serial Kicked » Tue, 13. Dec 05, 14:03

Google is your friend ;)

Check here : http://www.xai-corp.net/
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