[FIX][1431][4.10] Mimic Auto Traders missing trade log entries

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[FIX][1431][4.10] Mimic Auto Traders missing trade log entries

Post by Old Drullo321 » Wed, 22. Sep 21, 12:19

Every ship has a logfile. If used by Auto Traders, they also contain trade details. Also some ships (?), for example Auto Traders have a separate transaction log.
For some time it is possible to set ships into groups to mimic behaviour. That also works for auto traders. They do their job, they have a transaction log but the trades aren't listed in the normal log, they are missing.

Have a look at the screenshots (and maybe savegame). I have a group containing two auto traders (001 and 002). The second trader is missing the trade entries in the logfile. Also you could think they appear elsewhere, in the log of the leader, but that isn't the case.

Version: X4 Foundations - Steam - German - 4.10 (458643)
Game isn't modified at all - Pure Vanilla
Gamestart: Project Genesis (CoH) / Total playtime 2 1/2 ingame days


Savegame: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0X4lq ... sp=sharing
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Re: [1431][4.10] Mimic Auto Traders missing trade log entries

Post by j.harshaw » Thu, 23. Sep 21, 14:32

fixed. thanks for the report and the save. should be in a future update.

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