a snippet of my day in x4...

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a snippet of my day in x4...

Post by grapedog » Tue, 9. Mar 21, 22:20

::me, busy at a desk, running trade empire::
::hears knocking on the door::
::door opens, a senior aide runs in without waiting for permission::

Sir, sir, one of your large trade ships was lost, somewhere on the edge in argon territory...

-Wait, what... where Exactly?

Morning hour, or morning floor... uh... ::flips through notes:: Morning Star!

-Damn. Do we know what happened?

It appears it was a large captured Argon freighter sir, refitted, and sent out to conduct routine surveil...

-Stop, its an argon retrofit, i am aware of its purpose. What HAPPENED to it?

Sir, we"ve recovered the distress probe, a fallen families rattler was...

-WHAT?! What are those ****** tinkers doing in argon space? Did no one notice a rattlesnake rolling around in Argon space? The argon im sure were painfully unaware... useless shits.

Sir, it's not kno...

-NEVERmind... send m'Vrk in with his team immediately. I want that rattler captured by us quickly. Im not leaving this mess for those... humans... to clean up. Who knows if those fallen family **** recovered any of our peiple.

Yes sir, i'll see it done immediately.

-g'Min, keep me updared on his progress.

Yes sir.

::2 hours later::
::pacing in his office:, a knock at the door::


Sir, there is good news...

-Spit it out!

And bad news...

::stares balefully at his aide::

m'Vrk was successfull in subduing the fal....

-****** tinkers...

allen families rattler, but before he could begin boarding operations, a squad of argon military police showed up, including a few of their big ships... uh, behemoths.

-of course... right on time those ****** twits.

m'vrk made the call the scuttle the ship with all remaining hands still on board. He did manage to scoop up some of fhe escapees, but so far none of them were our freighter personnel... he managed to avoid detection, and is on his way back now with his prisoners for questioning...

-where were those ****** argon **** when a friendly freighter was getting blasted to smithereens?? And what were those dirty **** tinkers doing in morning star to begin with!?

Sir, i don't...

-it was rhetorical... ::growls:: alright, let me know if anything useful comes from those prisoners. See if we can't get another retrofit out there to continue with surveillance. Also, make sure our eyes in those sectors are not dead, or drunk off that spaceswill... i want to know how a fallen families rattler snucks its way into morning star, past both the argon and our own people...

Yes sir!

Today, i lost out on capping two rattlers, due to the super late arrival of heroic local police forces. Both rattlers were in the middle of nowhere, had the turrets trimmed, had hull brought to 70ish... when a squad of heroes happened by, to "assist" with slaying the heathens. Morning Star was the sector of one loss, the 2nd loss, that drove me to write this. The first was memory of profit x, again, way far from any normal traffic... the tel just happened to appear. Where were they when my freighters were gettinf walloped! Nowhere, until time for the spoils...

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Re: a snippet of my day in x4...

Post by Teladi CEO » Wed, 10. Mar 21, 20:15

Sounds like you need to raise some complaints with the Argon government using your fists! Awesome story
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Re: a snippet of my day in x4...

Post by Song Of Obsidian » Wed, 17. Mar 21, 00:07

grapedog wrote:
Tue, 9. Mar 21, 22:20
Morning hour, or morning floor... uh... ::flips through notes:: Morning Star!
Got a laugh out of me and I had to keep reading from there. More snippets please.
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