Drones for Stations?

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Drones for Stations?

Post by Invasion » Thu, 27. Dec 18, 10:38

Anyone know how I can get the drones I set in station logical overview?
Station has a manager, pier, storage, the money to buy what it wants, and assigned trading ship. But nothing is happening and still no drones.
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Re: Drones for Stations?

Post by Arnomix » Thu, 27. Dec 18, 10:48

This is broken due to no buy order being put in for the resources to make the drones, if you supply these yourself the drones will be made

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Re: Drones for Stations?

Post by danpaul88 » Thu, 27. Dec 18, 11:00

In my case I noticed that, with drones ordered, "restock automatically" enabled and sufficient credits in the stations account, my station did create buy orders for Smart Chips and Drone Components (I think? At work so can't check exact name). The drone components (?) were delivered by an AI trader quite promptly, but after about 16 gameplay hours there was still not a single smart chips delivered by any AI traders - these seem to be in massive demand and short supply in my universe.

I tasked one of my own traders to go fetch the quantity which the buy order was for and the station instantly built its drones upon delivery, plus had some left in reserve (it's buy order was for 80 smart chips more than it needed)

As an aside, a smart chips fab is next on my list of stations to build, once I finish my hull parts and claytronics mega-fab (as part of my efforts to become self sufficient when it comes to basic station building materials)

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Re: Drones for Stations?

Post by Sparky Sparkycorp » Thu, 27. Dec 18, 20:36

I've added a section to the X4 Manual's "Station Building and Management" page called "Drone Management".

Hopefully that will help with these sorts of topics.

With thanks to eMYNOCK for explaining the process to me.

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