[Script][LU] Mk3 Improvement Reloaded Reloaded (v0.6.1b) 2014-10-29

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Re: [Script][LU] Mk3 Improvement Reloaded Reloaded (v0.6.1b) 2014-10-29

Post by nickexists » Mon, 9. Dec 19, 06:18

Sorry, I know this is a dormant thread, but this is the right place for my question. How can I remove trader status from a ship once it has been assigned as an ST.

I set one of my M6s as a ST but now that I'm trying to use it for combat again it autojumps away every time it starts to get hurt. I have disabled emergency jump in the ship's console but it doesn't seem to matter.

I've also noticed that every time the ship is initially attacked i get a `Personal Log Entry` that says "ReadText 1500-425".

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