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X2 The Threat - Dual Monitors - Wn7

Post by Brodie » Thu, 9. Aug 12, 21:19


I have dual monitors and would like to use them both when playing X2 Th Threat.
I know if does or at least did support Dual Monitors, but cant seem to set it up. I know this guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/dua ... 759-6.html does not work on Windows 7.

I have tried using SoftTH but cant get it too work.
I put the d3d9.dll file in what i would consider to be the main file (the one that contains the .exe file) but as its a steam version of the game i dont know if that applies.
Anyway running the game after placing the file in the folder did nothing, and did not create any other files.
I dont want to buy a "triplehead2go" as i dont have a spare £250

Anyone got any ideas or using something that would help?

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Post by Knudow » Wed, 16. Sep 15, 21:09

You need to use your graphic card's panel to set the two screens as one big screen. If you have an ATI card, it's called Eyefinity.

But there's a problem. The game is old and prefers 4:3 displays so, if you have two widescreen monitors and set the game resolution to the big resolution (for example, 3840x1080) the game will think that you have THREE screens.

I managed to make it work by tinkering a bit on the ATI control panel and selecting a 2048x768 resolution. This way each monitor will display a 4:3 image and the multimonitor settings in the game will work as intended back in the day.


Frankly, after doing all this I don't think it's worthy. I prefer playing on one monitor and having the pdf with all the controls opened on the other screen.

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