[X3AP Bonus Plugin] Turret On/Off Hotkey

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[X3AP Bonus Plugin] Turret On/Off Hotkey

Post by jlehtone » Wed, 14. Dec 11, 23:44

Turret On/Off Hotkey

Scripter: Gazz
Thread for development version
Bonuspack index


The brief instruction

This script installs 1 hotkey. Assign a key to the hotkey in the Controls menu.
  • Pressing the hotkey pauses all turrets on your ship for 5 minutes or until you change sectors. Whatever comes first.
  • Pressing the hotkey again unlocks your turrets.
  • Starting a new turret script on one turret unlocks that particular turret.
  • If you have one of your ships targeted and this ship does have turrets, the pause/continue is applied to that ship instead of yours.

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