[MOD-TC]Ship Rebalance Mod:Continued v1.10b (27/6/11): Now Discontinued...

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[MOD-TC]Ship Rebalance Mod:Continued v1.10b (27/6/11): Now Discontinued...

Post by paulwheeler » Fri, 12. Feb 10, 13:48

Ship Rebalance Mod: Continued v1.10b

Latest Release: 27/6/11
(updated cockpits 10/1/11; trails 14/6/11; Shipyards 27/5/11; SSRP 18/5/10; Hulls 14/6/11; Weapons Dealers 23/3/11)

NOTE - The SRM has now been superseded by the XRM, which features all the SRM and CMOD4 changes, plus a new universe map, new jobs and lots, lots more.
See this thread for details.

The SRM is fully compatible with X3TC v3.2

The SRM is NOT compatible with Albion Prelude



Ship Rebalancing: The SRM rebalances nearly every single ship in the game with a view to making every ship unique and useful. We have tried to ensure there are no "I Win" ships and that all ships within a class are balanced across the races. Speeds of fighters have been increased, corvettes are much faster, more manoeuvrable with extended cargo bays, heavy corvettes have more weapons and turrets, there are new classes of frigates such as Heavy Assault frigates, light frigates and more light carriers, weapon loudouts have been made more racial, and many other aspects have been tweaked to improve balancing consistancy. Established race lore from the X Universe has been fully embraced and applied. All ship stats are taken into account from speed and acceleration to cargo and price.

Bug Fixing: Many bugs that exist in X3TC have been fixed in the SRM, including cockpit positions, turret and camera issues, model problems, etc. Draffut's Bug Fix Mod has been fully merged into the SRM.

Addon Packs: The SRM also adds many optional addon packs to further enhance your game, such as the SSRP which changes ware availability to make the game more challenging, Weapons Dealers which makes obtaining weapons and shields easier, the Shipyard pack which adds all the new SRM ships to shipyards as well as adding new, specialist shipyards to the game, several particle trail packs and cockpit packs, and three hull multiplication packs to increase hull sizes to make battles last longer. All the scripts are simple AL Plugins with easy to use configuration interfaces so you can choose to add only the bits that you want.

New Ships: As an added bonus the SRM also adds many (well over 150!) new ships into the game taken from some of the excellent ship mods available, including Cadius' Xtra Mod and Killerog's X2 ships, as well as some SRM exclusive ships. It features PAR ships, which are pre-outfitted ships ready for deployment when you purchase them, M3 Bombers, M5 Explorers with built in capital class scanners and Explorer software, prototype M6s for each race and much, much more.

New Graphics and Sound: Many ships have been retextured to add greater variety into the game. All Yaki ships now have a unique livery and many Paranid ships have been retextured to give the Yaki more variety. Ships ported from X2 have had a texture upgrade to bring them up to X3 standards - Including all Kha'ak ships (coming in v1.08 ). There are also new and unique engine sounds for many ships.

Docking Enhancements: Alkeena's BSD Mod is fully merged with the SRM providing enhanced external docking for all ships, including M5 docking for M6s, TS and M6 docking for carriers and M8 docking for Destroyers.

Other Mod Friendly: The SRM is compatible with many other popular mods. Please see the compatibility section below as many mods require special installation instructions to work with the SRM.

Much of the rebalancing has been done with the Combat Mod 4 in mind so I highly recommend this for use with the SRM - although it is by no means essential.


Merged Mods:
Bug-player fix by draffut. (thread)
BSD, Bomber and Shuttle Docking mod by Alkeena. (thread)
Repair Drones Mod you find in Gazz's MARS script.
X2 Ships Callback Mod v1.07 by Killerog (thread)
Xtra Ship/Station Pack v1.93 by Cadius (thread)
Boron Lucsa and Paranid Thanatos v1.5 by Axeface (thread)
Ship Expansion v1.7c (part) by Killjaeden (thread)
Schiffs Expansion v1.01 (part) by Armankessilols (thread)
Artellia v1.0 by Puffneki (thread)

The EMP Mod is fully merged into the SRM and should be removed if installed separately.


Image (SRM 1.10b main download)

Image (All addons zip)

Image (All addons spk + SRM Jobs with Enhanced Equipment Spawner and alternate SSRP (with docking computer put back to its vanilla ware size), which are only available as zip)

Image (SRM - Additional files: Changelog, Stats and Screenshots)

(SRM 1.10b main download, all addon packs, single addon packs, additional files)

Please note: All download links below are outdated and no longer work. You can download all the files (SRM, all addons or only single addon packs, additional files) from the (mediafire.com and xdownloads) download links above. X2-Illuminatus


DOWNLOAD SRM v1.10b --- SPK Version

Release notes
Please read the release notes thoroughly for any special update instructions.

Changelog for v1.10 - full list of changes for the entire SRM including SomeoneElse's original changes.

Stats for v1.10 - Basic SRM stats for all ships. Does not include weapon compatibility or prices. MS Excel 2007 or above required to view.
PDF Version

Addon Packs:

Updated 14/6/11
Hull Multiplying Pack - LOW --- SPK Version
Hull Multiplying Pack - MEDIUM --- SPK Version
Hull Multiplying Pack - HIGH --- SPK Version

These packs multiply the basic hull levels by various amounts. They also increase the difference between the ship classes. So M2s get a bigger increase than M6s etc.

The low pack multiplies fighters by around x1.5 and capitals by around x2.5, the medium pack multiplies M3s by x2.4 and M2s by x5, the high pack multiplies M3s by x3.5 and M2s by 12!

A script is also included which will reload the hulls of every ship currently in existence. This script must be run manually from the script editor.

Thanks to JMan77 for the idea and scripting.

NOTE - It is essential to update your hull packs with each SRM release.


Updated 23/3/11
SRM Weapons Dealers AL Plugin v1.4 --- SPK Version

This pack adds an AL plugin that creates several Weapons Dealer stations to the universe. These stations stock a variety of weapons and missiles in large numbers. These can also be purchaed by the AI to help alleviate the general lack of weapons for sale in the universe.

Click here for more information


Updated 18/5/11
Ship Systems Rebalance Pack (SSRP) v1.5 --- SPK Version

Alternate SSRP (with docking computer put back to its vanilla ware size)

The purpose of the SSRP is to make the game more challenging. This has been done by rebalancing certain wares to make them less accessible. For example, the jumpdrive has been made an XL ware so it can no longer be used with the majority of fighters and its price has been increased to 2 million credits. I suggest that beginners do not try this pack as it makes the game significantly harder especially in the early stages.

Click here for more information about the changes.


Updated 10/1/11
Cockpit Mod v1.30 with glass tints and reflections by PSCO1 --- SPK Version
Cockpit Mod v1.30 with no glass tints by PSCO1 --- SPK Version
Cockpit Mod v1.30 with HUD Info put back and no tints by PSCO1 --- SPK Version
Cockpit Mod v1.30 with a cut down, lite version of the HUD by PSCO1 --- SPK Version
Cockpit Mod v1.30 with tints, HUD info and Gravidar put back by PSCO1 --- SPK Version

There are five versions of the cockpit mod - the original, one with no glass tints or reflections, one with no tints and the HUD info bar put back in, PSCO1's new version with a lite, cut down HUD, and one with the Gravidar and HUD info in.


Updated 14/6/11

SRM Exlusive Trails Pack with Capital Ships Effects v1.0i by Killerog and Paul Wheeler --- SPK Version
SRM Exlusive Trails Pack v1.1i (no cap ship effects) by Killerog and Paul Wheeler --- SPK Version
Engine Effects and Particle Trails Mk2 Pack v0.05i by Killerog --- SPK Version
Particle Trail Mod Pack A v1.21i by Killerog --- SPK Version
Particle Trail Mod Pack B v1.21i by Killerog --- SPK Version
Coloured Engine Effects and Trails v1.5i by Algoran --- SPK Version

These six packs add coloured particle trails and lensflare effects for all fighters. The Mk2 pack and the SRM exclusive with capital ship effects also add new engine effects to capital ships, corvettes and freighters.

The SRM Exclusive pack is based on Killerog's A pack colours, but has a very different feel, with custom Otas and Yaki trails. It has also been tweaked to work with the fastest Explorer M5s from the SRM and also has an extended draw distance so they can been seen from further away. There are two versions, one with and one without captial ship effects. The capital ship effects are based on Killerog's but with a more subtle, transparent effect.

Please note Killerog's pack B and Algoran's change trails associated with some missiles and weapons as well as the ship trails.

All six packs are 100% compatible with the CMod4 effects. To get everything working correctly the packs must be installed in this ascending CAT/DAT order:


The trails pack must be higher than the CMod4 to see the effects correctly. Non-CMod4 users do not need to worry.

NOTE: Please see below for special instructions when swapping between trail packs. When first added you may not see all the effects until you change sector.


Updated 27/5/11
SRM Shipyards Pack v2.4 --- SPK Version

This pack adds an AL Plugin, configurable via Cycrow's Community Plugin Configuration Interface, to add or remove SRM features from the universe. Ships include the Xtra ships, Axeface's ships, Killjaeden's ship, X2 ships, Advanced and Prototype ships, Goner ships, Otas etc. and all the new, SRM exclusive M3 Bombers, Explorer M5s and PAR ships. It also adds many vanilla features that are missing from the vanilla game such as Terran fabs in all USC shipyards, Military Outposts and Headquarters for sale, and much, much more.

REQUIRED - Community Plugin Configuration by Cycrow

This pack also includes scripts to deploy OWPs and also to equip PAR ships via hotkeys.

Click here for more information about the pack.




SRM Jobs with Enhanced Equipment Spawner

By Vkerinav and Litcube

Please use the v.3.6e link at the bottom of the main post in the jobs thread.

The SRM jobs are custom made to include all the new ships featured in the SRM, with upgrades to each races' military forces. It also includes an SRM version of the X3 Unleashed jobs mod.

Litcube's Enhanced Equipment Spawner is a script to improve ship loadouts. It is activated on Jobs ships as they are spawned, are removes vanilla-spawned tunings, shields, weapons and missiles, replacing them with an improved variety.



-The "fake patch" method works best for the SRM (and is better imho). I do not recommend using the Plugin Manager to install the SRM as it's extremely difficult to control the order the mods are installed in which can lead to problems.

- Extract the dat/cat files and look at the other dat/cat files you have in the main TC installation folder. Rename the SRM files to a bigger number than the last ones, i.e. if the last ones are 09.dat and 09.cat rename my files to 10.dat and 10.cat. You can have up to 99 different cat/dat files, so you can use a very high number of mods this way.

- Copy the contents of the "director" folder to the director folder in your main X3TC directory. If a director folder does not exist then create one.

- You will need to navigate to the \mov folder in your TC directory. you will need to locate the 00044 file and either rename, move, or delete this file. Without doing this you will not get any new custom ship names said by "betty".

- Before running X3TC you must open and close the Plugin Manager (if installed), regardless of which version you are running. This is so the Plugin Manager can integrate the SRM ware size changes.

- Run the game. You should get a message saying the SRM has been installed when you load a save or start a new game.

-This fake patch method must be used to install the cockpit and trails addon packs. I recommend that you install them in this order: the SRM as the lowest cat no., the cockpit mod next, all other SRM packs and finally the trails mod. If using the CMod4 it must be immediately before the trail pack.

- To install the Ship Systems Rebalace Pack extract to the main X3TC directory and rename the SSRP cat/dat to a higher number than the main SRM mod. You must open and close the Plugin Manager after updating this pack.

-To install the shipyard pack extract the contents to a temporary folder. Copy all scripts into the X3TC "Scripts" director, or install the SPK version via the plugin manager. Run X3TC and load your game. Go to OPTIONS > GAMEPLAY > ARTIFICIAL LIFE SETTINGS and switch the SRM Shipyard Pack on. Then you need to go into the Community Plugin Configuration Menu (via a hotkey - see the CPC thread), and turn on the features you require.

-To install the hull packs simply extract the contents to the X3TC directory and rename the hull pack cat/dat to a higher number than the main SRM mod. To reload the hulls for all ships, run X3TC, enter the script editor, highlight the script "temp.srm.hull.reload.xml" and hit "r".

- To install the Weapons Dealers AL Plugin, copy all 16 scripts into the "scripts" folder in your X3TC installation. Run X3TC and load your game. Go to OPTIONS > GAMEPLAY > ARTIFICIAL LIFE SETTINGS and switch the weapons dealers on.

- To install the SPK versions use the latest release of the Plugin Manager Lite. The SPKs must be installed in the correct orders as outlined above. Be careful when updating packages as the Plugin Manager may well change the order of cat/dats if some are not updated. I suggest you disable all mods and then reenable them in the correct order after updating.

Follow these instructions to avoid visual glitches and save game corruptions!


If you are loading from a "vanilla" save game you will need to jump to an empty sector before starting the mod. There must be no ships in sector - not even your player ship - or the save game will crash on loading.

The easiest way is to fly to an "Unknown Sector". Use the "Destroy Sector Menu" command from Cycrow's Cheat Scripts to remove all ships from the sector. Then eject from your ship and send it back through the gate. Then save, install the SRM and reload the save.

Any existing ships that have been changed in major ways (any new external docking, hull, turret or shield changes) will need to be recreated before they function correctly. This is easily done using Cycrow's cheat script and the "clone ship" command. Once cloned simply destroy the old ship. Hull values can be corrected using the reload hull and shields command or running the script included with the hull packs.


If you are currently running one of the trail packs featuring capital ship effects and you want to try a different trail pack you will need to follow the above instructions to go to an empty sector before you change packs. Otherwise your save will crash due to all the scene file changes.

For people who do not wish scripts to spawn X2 Mk1 ships or Xtra ships when running the SRM:

I have included a version of the SRM TShips in which all the X2 ships have had their race setting set to unknown. This should stop them from being spawned.

Open the SRM cat using Double Shadow's Mod Manager. Scroll to the bottom of the list. You should see a file called "TShips.pck" and a file called "---TShips - no x2 or Xtra.pck". Rename TShips.pck to "TShipsX2.pck" and the other file to "TShips.pck". Reverse this procedure to put the X2 ships back in.

If you wish to remove any other ships, then you must manually edit TShips and change the race to "0". DO NOT DELETE THE SHIP as this will break the SRM.

The hull packs also include the alternate TShips.


Do not separately install the EMP mod. The EMP ware entries are fully merged with the SRM.

This mod is 100% compatible with MARS, Complex Cleaner, Cmod4, FDN, MPM, SSDN, Enhanced Equipment Docks and the KOG mod.

COMBAT MOD 4: You only need to install the base mod and the "scripts only factory pack". The correct cat/dat order is:


ENHANCED EQUIPMENT DOCKS: THIS WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE LATEST EED RELEASE V2.7-2.2. Install base EED mod to the lowest cat/dat number then SRM. You must install the scripts from EED, but DO NOT install the text file for the "t" folder. I have included an edited text file for EED in the main SRM mod.

MARS: install only MARS files that are into "scripts" and "t" folders and then install this mod.

Compatibility with Complex Cleaner, FDN v7, MPM v7, SSDN v7: install the base cat/dat from these mods/scripts to the lowest cat/dat number, then the SRM base mod and addon packs as higher numbers.

Compatibility with the KOG mod: install the SRM base mod and addon packs and then install the "SRM Compatible" version of the KOG mod to a higher cat/dat number.

The SRM is NOT compatible with full cockpit mods, engine trail mods, any mod that adds ships, or any mod that alters TWareT (Except the EMP which is merged). Please use the compatible versions provided above in the addon packs.

The Combat Mod 4, Pirate Guild, Military Base Response Revamp, Improved Races, Race Responce Fleets, Khaak Invasions, NPC Bailing Addon, MARS, Amurph0's Shipyards, Missile Defense Mk 2, Missile Rebalance Mod, Medusa Missile system, Advanced Jumpdrive, AI Ammo Cheat, Missile Safety.


The SRM changes a lot of significant files and will almost certainly cause problems if your version of X3 is not the same as stated at the top of this post. Every effort will be made to upgrade the SRM to the latest release of X3 as soon as it is available.

This is a continuation of the Ship Rebalance Mod by SomeoneElse (original thread). It contains all the changes made in the original and is compatible with old SRM saves.

Thanks to SomeoneElse for the original SRM mod.
Thanks to Mizuchi for help with descriptions and retexturing.
Thanks to Cadius, Armankessilols, Killerog, Axeface, PSCO1, Draffut, Alkeena, Algoran, Killjaeden, vkerinav, JMan77 and Gazz for their kind permission to use their mods and scripts.

Special thanks to the X Universe team for their kind hosting of the SRM.


This mod alters the following files:

From "Types" - Animations, Bodies, Components, CutData, Dummies, HQ, Particles3, TLasers, TBullets, TShields, Sounds, TCockpits, TDocks, TDockswrecks, TFactories, TShips, TWareB, TWareE, TWareF, TWareM, TWareN, TWareT, Warelists,

From "Maps" - WareTemplate

From "Mov" - 00044.xml

Also most ships' scene files, a few ships models - in fact most files from "Objects" and the SSRP includes Globals.

It includes the text files from the X2 Callback Mod (9950-L044), the Xtra Ship mod(9951-L044) and the EED mod (9400-L044).
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    Post by djrygar » Sat, 13. Feb 10, 16:50

    what are differences between this and "New Ship Rebalance Mod"? IIRRC that one is also based on SRM ?

    do you have any changelog (this 10% added by you) ?

    im wondering if I can change NSRM to your version without problems. NSRM does not have fixed camera positions yet, but I guess ship stats are basically the same in both mods? (lack of fixed cameras buggs me because I use Cerberus now and its bit broken - cocpit camera inside ship), but I want to keep the stats, I like them

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    Post by paulwheeler » Sat, 13. Feb 10, 19:13

    NRSM never fully merged the original SRM. There were many turret positions that were not duplicated, most notably the Boreas and the Python. This version has every single change that Someone Else made, plus a little extra from me.

    There is a link to the changelog in the main post above.

    You should be able to go straight from NSRM to this. Just go to an empty sector before you install. Also, if you own any ships which have turret changes, these will have to be recreated for the turrets to work properly.

    In the original SRM, Someone Else made all turrets with only one weapon to have two weapons, he reduced the turrets on the Boreas to make it a light carrier and he increased the turrets on the Python.

    Now that I have got my head around how all this works, updating it for future patches and new versions of the addons will be straight forward. Also if you have any suggestions for changes that you'd like to see we can look at those too.

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    Post by paulwheeler » Tue, 16. Feb 10, 12:35

    I have reuploaded the X2 ship addon pack as the original one I uploaded was missing some scene files. This has now been fixed.

    Please redownload the X2 ship callback pack and follow the install instructions (it now adds a .cat and .dat as well as the director files).

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    Post by Coutelier » Sun, 21. Feb 10, 15:51

    Some files from the X2 callback mod seemed to be missing... not sure which ones exactly though, since I don't really have any idea what each of them do. Anyway, I bought a MK1 Centaur and the turrets weren't working. Despite not knowing anything about modding, I went and copied all the 'types' files (apart from TShips/Factories) from the X2 Callback Mod into your cat (the only one there was bodies.pck) and that seems to have fixed it :)

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    Post by paulwheeler » Sun, 21. Feb 10, 18:08

    Thanks for the report. Ill check the files. However, the types files you've copied may conflict with the other addon packs. Ill double check that I merged the files corectly. Its probably just a typo in tcockpits.

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    Post by Coutelier » Sun, 21. Feb 10, 19:59

    I haven't had any problems so far. Tcockpits wasn't one of the files I copied though; it was Animations, Bodies, Components, Dummies and Particles3. I did copy them from the non-particle trails version... I don't know if that might have anything to do with why the turrets weren't working. I'll have to try just removing the particle trail mod and then seeing if it works.

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    Post by paulwheeler » Sun, 21. Feb 10, 23:28

    Right I think it is probably the dummies file that I havent merged correctly. I'll need to compare the SRM one and the X2 one and check I got everything. Hopefully I'll have a fix tomorrow.

    Can you do me a favour and check that other ships turrets are working?

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    Post by Coutelier » Mon, 22. Feb 10, 00:38

    The Mk1 Mammoth and all of the M6's are working now. The ones I know weren't working before were the Centaur and Osprey. The M1's are all working, apart from the right and down turrets on the Collosus and only one of the lasers in the Shark's right turret actually fires.

    I haven't had time to test any M2's yet. I never had any problems with the Express/Mercury/Nova.

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    Post by paulwheeler » Mon, 22. Feb 10, 15:51


    Major changes for 0.61:

    All M1 and M2 ships have had their shield generators increased. All M2 ships have had their hull strengths increased.

    This is to address the issue of capital vs capital ship battles ending so quickly. Hopefully they will now last a bit longer, especially for M2s.

    NOTE: Any existing M2 ships will still have their previous value of hull. So in order to put them back to 100% I suggest you use Cycrow's cheat scripts and run the "reload shields and hull" order on any M2s in your fleet. Alternatively simply repair the hulls to their new maximum at a shipyard.

    I have also (hopefully) fixed the issue of broken turrets reported on the MK1 Centaur and other X2 M6s.

    NOTE: There are still a few broken turrets on some X2 ships. I believe these are broken in the main mod and will hopefully be fixed with Killerog's next release. The majority of turrets should now work.


    If anyone has any suggestions or recomendations for any ships that still require fine tuning please let me know.


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    Post by Coutelier » Tue, 23. Feb 10, 13:08

    I installed and started a new game, created a Mk1 Centaur using the script but found the turrets still weren't working... I did what I did before, this time adding/removing files one at a time and found that components.pck was the one that fixed it.

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    Post by paulwheeler » Tue, 23. Feb 10, 16:09

    Thanks for that. I'll double check that file and repost a fix ASAP.

    EDIT - I have double checked the components file and every entry requried by the X2 ships is there.

    In fact the turrets on the Mk1 Centaur work fine on my PC with the version of components already in the SRM so I'm not quite sure why you are having trouble.

    Are you sure you don't have another mod with a components file in?

    Here is a link to the SRM components file.


    Can you download it and put it in the "types" folder in the main X3 directory (create a "types" folder if one does not already exist) or try adding it to the X2 addon pack and let me know if the turrets work after this?

    If you compare this file to the one from the X2 ship mod you will see the only difference is in the cockpit entries which shouldn't have any effect on the X2 ship turrets.

    If you use the components file from the main X2 callback mod then the cockpits addon pack will not work 100%. I also think you'll miss out on the adjusted cockpit positions.

    Can you actually view from the turrets? Will it let you load weapons? Is it just firing that doesn't work?

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    Post by Coutelier » Tue, 23. Feb 10, 17:45

    Just not firing. The only other things I've installed (apart from SRM with Cockpits, Trails and X2) are Cycrows Cheat Package, Dynamic Product Pricing, Commodity Logistics Software and Prospector; I'd already tried removing all those but was still having the same problem.

    Putting the Components.txt in the Types folder seems to have fixed it though :)

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    Post by Gazz » Tue, 23. Feb 10, 19:59

    If you can manually "turn" a turret but not fire it then the turret + camera are misaligned in the scene file.
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    Post by paulwheeler » Tue, 23. Feb 10, 20:06

    I don't think its a scene file issue as the turrets work fine on my machine. The scene files were a straight copy from the x2 callback mod.

    A silly question, but are you certain you mounted a weapon in the turret?

    I just don't understand why it works on my machine and not yours. The files are the same...

    Have you tried any other x2 m6's? They all use the same turret component.

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