[SCRIPT] Convert Trans-Orbital Accelerators to Jump Gates [V2.0]

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Post by CKYRules » Fri, 7. Jan 11, 23:09

Graxster wrote:Updated to address the issues discussed here.

No longer runs at startup. Runs from plugin configuration menu. Requires Cycrow's Plugin Manager.

Added warnings about using on a new game where Terran relations are low.

Added "Cancel" option to menu.


Is this tested with the game plot?

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Post by HotSake » Sat, 8. Jan 11, 02:27

I've been going through the Terran plot, no issues so far.

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Post by CKYRules » Sat, 8. Jan 11, 02:29

Good deal. Since ive added the script correctly (the last version) I've had a few glitches where the game just lags out in a few sectors and the HUD disipears. Mainly in Argon M148. A few others here and there. But mainly that one. Solution was usually to turn the camera away from something untill i got a stable frame rate again and saved the game exited and restarted.

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Post by Tritous » Mon, 24. Oct 11, 18:13

problem with this and the end of the terran plot:

The gates are placed at cardinal points, not in the original places of the TOAs. This unbalances station locations for some sectors (but less than having no gates)....

When you go to earth you are ONLY allowed to go from the gates, via a strict path and to the station and if you deviate...well they'll atomise you. The gate being in completely the wrong place (and intersecting the station for the mars one) means you are instantly in trouble and cannot complete the mission.

I'm trying to fix it by moving the gate to the correct location, but the problem is I don't know where it was. Can someone post the coordinates of the TOA?
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Post by CKYRules » Tue, 25. Oct 11, 17:28

Tritous you must have done something wrong because all my jump gates are in the right place and i never got in trouble in the earth sector. So somethings wrong on your end most likely.

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Post by xiriod » Mon, 3. Sep 12, 04:56

Has anyone tried this with Albion Prelude? I'm using the Gateless Jumpdrive script, and I can't jump to a sector that hasn't got a normal gate in it. :wink:

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Post by sabrehawk » Tue, 13. Aug 13, 19:50

no menu item showing up for me in the current version of AP

i installed it using cycrows

its present in the game since i can find references to it in the script manager ingame

but theres no command in any of the plugin menus and since the updated
version requires it run manually and is not executed on startup , i dont
know how to run it.

im playing humble merchant plot

screenshot shows my currently installed stuff

i applied the TOA last ...and my game is quite progressed and i would hate
to screw it up...


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Re: [SCRIPT] Convert Trans-Orbital Accelerators to Jump Gates [V2.0]

Post by Egzael » Tue, 24. Sep 19, 13:33

I know that is some Necromancy, but... someone have any idea why this mod do not work?

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