[SCRIPT] Wing Hotkeys : V1.20 : 09/06/2009

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[SCRIPT] Wing Hotkeys : V1.20 : 09/06/2009

Post by Cycrow » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 16:54

Script: Wing Hotkeys
Version: V1.20
Author: Cycrow
Created: 09/06/2009
Game: X3: Terran Conflict 1.2+


:idea: Recommended: Hotkey Manager
:idea: Recommended: Community Plugin Configuration

To install, simply download and open the file in the Plugin Manager

:arrow: Introduction:
  • This adds a series of hotkeys for controlling your wings directly

    Simply select the wing you wish to control then use the hotkey to issue commands.
:arrow: Starting Up
  • To use these hotkeys you must first assign them. Go into the standard controls options, then under interface, in the section extensions, you will find the hotkeys.
    the first, "Select Wing" is used to select which wing to control. The others are for each command available
:arrow: Selecting Wing
  • Simply select the hotkey and a menu will open up with the list of wings. Select the wing you wish to control.
    The highlighted wing is the one you currently have selcted.
:arrow: Hotkey Configuration
  • You can configure what hotkeys are available from the key configuration menu. This is only available if you have the Community Plugin Configuration plugin installed.
    Simply open the menu and select Wing Hotkeys to configure you hotkeys.
    You can select the current wing, same as the select wing hotkey, as well as enabled the quick wings, see below.

    The available commands list shows all the hotkeys that are available, you can enable or disable the ones you want.
    Disabling the hotkey will remove it from the controls list and you will need to reassign the key when its enabled again.

:arrow: Quick Wings
  • You can assign upto 4 quick wings, these allow you to quick select upto 4 wings.
    This works the same as the selecting a wing, simply assign and use the hotkey. Then what ever wing you have assigned to that hotkey will be set as your selected wing
:arrow: Using Commands
  • Once the wing is selected, just hit the hotkey for the command you want to run.
    • Attack My Target: This command will attack your current target, for it to work, the target must be an enemy (to prevent you from attacking friendly targets)
    • Protect Me: This will cause the wing to escort your current ship and protect you from attackers
    • Attack...: Attacks your current target. If you change targets, they will continue to attack the first selected target
    • Protect...: Protects your current target. The wing will continue to escort your current target if they are not an enemy
    • Idle: The wing will idle in the sector, randomly flying around
    • Standby: The wing will stop dead in space and wait for a new command
    • Dock...: Select a station for the wing to dock at
    • Dock At my Target: Docks the wing at your current target
    • Jump...: Jumps the wing to a selected sector
    • Jump To Me: Jumps the wing to your current sector
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Post by shinyclef » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 17:08

Sasuga Cycrow!
Sasuga is Japanese and means something like "As one would expect" in the sense that you live up to your reputation!

Nice one!

Within a few days of release, leave it to Cycrow to add the most logical missing features to the game.

I'll grab this one for sure. Cheers!

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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 17:12

its only got a few commands atm, but i will add more later :P

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Post by lepidosteus » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 17:16

Any chance to add a "protect my target" or whatever it is called in game ?

Would help a lot, especially in escort missions

(and thanks a lot for your script, as usual)

EDIT: just saw your previous message, guess I have my answer then ! Will wait 1.01

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Post by fud » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 17:32

Cycrow the script factory...

Nice. :)

Though, at first, I glanced at the thread title and read "hot wings" and it made me hungry.

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Post by winterghost » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 21:38

any chance you are interested in marrying an over worked systems administrator who cooks and cleans? nevermind the red headed wife.....

i have been looking for these commands! time to slave some buttons on the x52!

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Post by Social-Pariah » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 03:33

Excellent, the most important commands for getting rid of any tedium of having lots of ships.

Thank you very much.
Life is but a lingering death.

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Post by 46852 » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 08:02

My suggestions for new wing hotkeys:

Attack... (brings up galaxy map to choose target from, so you could quickly intervene in remote wing operations)
Protect... (same as above)
Protect my target
Protect another wing (is this possible?)
Stay in formation (no reactions to enemy fire, maybe evasion only?)
Antifighter loadout (loadout commands if the ships have alternative weapons in freight bay)
Anticapital loadout
Standoff engage (engage enemy at nearly max weapon range, this may involve combat AI tweaks, is it possible?)
Engage fighters (M5/M4/M3) (toggle on/off, these toggle commands could enable to assign roles for wings, default would be on for all classes)
Engage corvettes (M8/M6) (toggle on/off)
Engage capitals (M1/M2/M7/TL) (toggle on/off)
Engage missiles (toggle on/off, this for example could set a M5 wing for missile clearance duty)
Lower missile fire probability
Raise missile fire probability
Autojump (toggle on/off)
Dock at my target
Dock at... (brings up map, this would let you quickly command traders too)

Basically I'd like to also see wing hotkeys for all the stuff you can do through command console and wing command console. This would silence the people who complain about the menu interface at least :)
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Post by Sandalpocalypse » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 08:05

Thanks heaps cycrow!

46852's posts remind me, is it possible to get a attack capitals / fighters command for wings? I'm not even talking about something for hotkeys, just something in the menu...

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Post by Dreamwind99 » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 09:13

It possible to add each wings icon on the sidebar?

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Post by Cycrow » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 13:50

46852: Thats alot of hotkeys :P but ill try to add some of them at least

Sandalpocalypse: It should be possible, and fairly easy, the wing command console has its own set of commands like ships and can be added to by scripts

Dreamwind99: Not possible, the sidebar is not modable

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Post by 46852 » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 14:58

Cycrow wrote:46852: Thats alot of hotkeys :P but ill try to add some of them at least
Well, in my opinion there can never be too many hotkeys! Or actually there can be if the hotkeys are the only way to execute a command, best setup is when you have to have an option to either use the hotkeys or use the menu, whichever suits you.

And ofcourse I'm not expecting someone to script them just because I want them, just pondering aloud what would be cool :)

I marked the ones I'd need the most on green. By the way, how easy is it to assign a hotkey for a menu command? I just figured if you can script one menu command, the rest commands can use the same script template, or am I mistaken? I don't know a lot about scripting X3, so I feel kinda awkward to request a script as I have no idea how much work is involved in creating a working scipt for X3...

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 15:02

depends on the command. If your talking about a wing command for example. Then its quite easy.

assuming you need no arguments of course.

if you need arguments then you need to manually assign these to the command.

if u wanted to make some basic hotkeys, u can simply look at the hotkey scripts.

you need to add the hotkey and assign the script. Then in the script you need to call the command.

if theres any arguments, like selecting a ship, then you will need to get these first

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Post by supakillaii » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 18:42

How about these
*Attack all enemies in... [brings up Galaxy Map, select one sector and the wing flies there and does the job]
*Patrol sector... [Galaxy map, same as above]
*Patrol multiple sectors... [Brings up galaxy map, needsatleast 2 sectors to be chosen, Highlights the sectors and makes the wing fly through them to the another one. If hte end is next to the start, they go direcly to the start, if not, they backtrack it and start it again. Perhaps a possibility to save and load patrol routes?]

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Post by Scoob » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 22:24

Hi Cycrow,

Think I may have found a slight bug with this one.

I installed it using the currently available Beta of the script installer - all worked fine.

I fired up the game, loaded, saved & loaded to confirm all was good. I went in and set up some of the hotkeys and left it at that.

I was checking keys for something else earlier & I noticed that there were now TWO entries for each of the 'Wings:' keys. There was only a key binding against one entry however, I'd only about the one key.

I exited the game (completely) and have gone back in & laoded my game and now there are THREE entries for each of the 'Wings:' entry. Odd.

Basically my 'Extensions' key in the Interface menu now look like this:

Fire medusa ECM [Not Bound]
Wings: Protect Me [Not Bound]
Fire Medusa Single Target [Not Bound]
Enable Turbo Shift+B
Plugin Configurations `
Wings: Select Wing [Not Bound]
Wings: Select Wing [Not Bound]
Wings: Attack My Target [Not Bound]
Wings: Attack My Target [Not Bound]
Wings: Protect Me [Not Bound]
Wings: Protect Me [Not Bound]
Wings: Select Wing [Not Bound]
Beam Freight FTU b
Wings: Attack My Target [Not Bound]
Fire Medusa Multiple Targets [Not Bound]

I tend to only BIND keys when I have a use for them...

Any ideas?



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