[LIB] Get surrounding sectors

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[LIB] Get surrounding sectors

Post by Gazz » Sun, 10. Aug 08, 11:40

Returns a list of sectors within X jumps of the supplied sector, null if none apply.

Arg 1: start sector
Arg 2: min jump range
Arg 3: max jump range
Arg 4: include start sector

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Post by Nadrek » Mon, 11. Aug 08, 00:33

Not to sound ungrateful, but how practical is it to put in a minimum range argument as well, so an expanding search can be implemented (among other things) - i.e. search between 0 and 3 sectors from starting position, then from 4 to 6, then 7 to 9, etc.

Thank you, also, for another useful library!

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