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X3 Cheat Scripts 1.4 : Post ALL cheat questions/requests HERE!

Post by LV » Tue, 1. Nov 05, 19:09

Stickied in the hope people will not keep posting single cheat requests,
If you download the X3 Cheats script and have problems post them in this thread or I will have to shout at you.

The answer to 99.9% of all questions in relation to this script are in this thread ;)

Cycrow Installer Version Only! You MUST install using Cycrows Plugin Manager

An alternative download of the zip version (not requiring the Plugin Manager for the installation) can be found here.

Troubleshooting for new users

If you have downloaded a script/mod and it seems not to work make sure you have followed the following 5 steps to happiness :-

1. Have you enabled the script editor by typing "Thereshallbewings" as your Pilot name? (Read The Activating The X3 Script Editor Stickie for more help)
2. Have you read the guides that are stickied on this forum
3. If the script is an AL Plugin have you saved your game after installing it and then reloaded to check if the AL Plugin settings are showing up?
4. Have you posted your problem in the thread which you got the script from?
5. Are you positive you have installed the files to the correct folders?

6. Have you ignored all these tips and posted a new thread regardless?

#6 is not advised

Ok nobody here wants you to cheat, It would be much better for you to play the game as intended but as it's a single player game and therefore your choice. :-

Update 8/4/06


Cycrow Installer Version Only! You MUST install using Cycrows Plugin Manager

New cheats pack 15/9/07 V1.4

Click here for the ingame help file HELP

How to create a ship using this script credit to Stevio :)

Click Here to see how you can pick and choose which to run. It involves editing the setup.lv.cheats scripts and is noob friendly :)

It will open the setup.cheats script in your browser and show you how to disable and re-enable the commands in the screens above.

On starting the game you will have access in your ships command menu to "General" inside here you will find all the cheat scripts shown above.

On running the game for the first time you will get a readme of how each script works and also how to disable them from the command menu if they are of no use to you.

You can get this menu back by entering 0 credits in the add money command or by entering 0 twice in the supertune command.

New/Updated Commands

Clone ship or station

Due to muchus meither :-

Choose the target ship or station and the amount to spawn and finally the position you want it created, If you are cloning a ship the amount you enter will be the amount created, If you choose a station the enter 1 to add secondary resources to it or any other number to block them, only 1 station is created at a time.

Both ships and station come with the exact stock on the clone ship so if you pick a dragon with 7x ahept's it will add 7 hepts to the clone, if the dragon had only 2 lasers you get only 2. For stations the stock of product and wares in the target station will be added to the clone station.

Create MK3 Traders

Add the amount of MK3 Uni Traders that you specify of the TS Class you choose in random sectors, the ships automatically start universe trading at level 24.

Hotkey - Reset Ship Hull & Shields
See your interface ;)

Gateless Jumpdrive

When using this in the same sector the ship is in it will transport the ship to the specified position without jumping

Add Multiple Stations

This command will spawn the specified amount of stations, You can choose high or low tech fabs, you can block SPP's from spawning and also define if the stations primary resources are stocked or not as well as the products, If you leave the station empty it will add money to the station.

You will also be asked if you want to give the station player TS ships and which type.

All values entered are numbers and 1 is Yes and any other number is No

Cheat Combat rank

Using this will spawn the defined amount of the chosen ship at the position you specify, I reccomend using a Khaak destroyer as your ship and spawning either xenon or khakk m2's as the enemy ship. The ships will spawn with no weapons and only 1 hull point making them fodder :)

As long as you dont disengage the autopilot (move) the command will continue to run and respawn the same amount of ships again once the first batch are all dead.

Create Ship

Now will create the ship at any chosen position and should also loadout big ships

Add Sats

Should now find every gate and station in a sector also.

New cheats and Hotkeys for 1.4

1. Reset Playership Hotkey

Resets your ships shields and hull

2. Reset Targetship Hotkey

Resets your tracking aim ship or stations shields and hull

3. Strip Shields Hotkey

Resets your tracking aim shields and hull to 1

4. Instant Jump To Position Hotkey

Sets your ships position to you tracking aim

5. Strip Tunings Hotkey

Removes your tracking aims engine tunings

6. Detonation Blast Hotkey

Kill all enemy ships within 10k of your ship instantly

7. Restock Energy

Fills your ship cargo with energy

8. God Mode

100% hull and shields. To turn off drop your shields for a few seconds

9. Keep Clear

Kill all enemys in 10k constantly. To turn off drop your shields for a few seconds

11. Spawn Defense Spawns 3 Khaak Fighters set to attack your nearest enemy

Also fixed in 1.4

The clone ship cheat to install all wares from the clone (lasers didn't install in 1.3) + other tweaks

Mod Note

t 446666

Disclaimer Once installed you will go to hell and burn for being nothing but a dirty little cheater, You will be shunned by your friends and develop cankerous sores throughout your body.
A strange man will also turn up at your house every month to fire drawing pins at your head through a large elephant gun.

Warning Any user found to be bragging about their accomplishments under the guise of not cheating on the main forums will recieve a horses head through the post, Don't ask what happens if you do it again!

If you are struggling to get the script working open the script editor by typing 'Thereshallbewings' as you player name, there will be a pause if it works and your name will not change! If you are still struggling to open the editor see the stickies above! If after all that fails you still cannot open the SE you may as well accept that god put you on this earth to make us all look smart :)

Once the SE is open, go into the scripts menu and and press re-init script caches ONCE , you will hear a sound. If the comands are still not showing it is because you have installed them to the wrong x3 directories.


Anybody who has any other cheat scripts for X3 that they feel would help in stopping the flood of repetitive posts for certain cheats ala the X2 SE forum are welcome to post them here.


Other cheat scripts/mods/hacks

http://www.asynd.net/x3/hq.rar - cheat to where reverse engineering no longer takes hours, only a second to reverse engineer any ship in the game, also only takes a second to build any ship from the player hq by Asynd

Cheat Scripts by StarTrekMarc
(uses Command Types Special 50-54, Nav 50, Fight 50, Trade 50 COMMAND_TYPE_PIRACY_48 to COMMAND_TYPE_PIRACY_61)

Cheat Scripts by Mighty Odin

GOD MODE by nuclear eclipse

Crystal free player SPP

Unlock All Start Positions (Registry Hack) by Galaxy613

Unlock All Start Positions (Registry Hack) by Stevio

Destruct Hotkey by Stevio/Cycrow

Friendly Khaak Script : Save as into x3 scripts folder

Unlimited Salvage Insurance by Cycrow

Reveal the Universe Map by Cycrow

Unlimited Resources by nirwin

Copy Ship by SymTec ltd.


My game keeps crashing/Freezing using scripts
[ external image ]
[ external image ]
If you are having either of these 2 problems and you have any other script than the lockmaster running in this menu please add that detail to your post, It will help ;)

Cheers :)

How to install downloaded scripts

Open up the folder which holds your X3 install
[ external image ]

[ external image ]

Thats about it.

Install instructions

1. Unpack to your main X3 directory
2. Start Game
3. Open the SE (Thereshallbewings)
4. Press re-init script caches once

Commands will now be in the menu unless you have done something wrong.

Q : Why does it say command rejected when i try it
A : You are too close to a station or object

markkram95 wrote:There are too many "how does it work?" questions here!!
Has anybody used the script editor before or have a half decent knowledge of how to extract files to the right directory? Seems not.
It is SO easy!

1. extract both "t" and "scripts" folders to the main root X3 folder.
(replacing existing folders there) or copying contents to both folders in the original X3 root folder.

2. Enable script editor. (Type "Thereshallbewings" in the "Rename pilot" option menu) The player name will not change (from Julian) and there will be a slight pause with a beep.)

3.Enter into the command console through the "ship" or "property" sub-menus. Finally select "script editor".

4.Select "Reinit caches" to refresh the list of scripts and add the new cheats.

5. enter into the command console again in the "ship" or "property" tabs.
below "Navigation", "combat" and "combat" if you have fighting software installed there will be a "general" tab.

6. Select the tab and list of new cheat scripts will appear with "FULL" instructions on how to us them!!

To get a script to work, highlight the required cheat, then press R. This will run the script. Do NOT just press return as this will not "RUN" the script, only open it. Once open it will give you "arguments" where you enter the value like the number if energy cells or ships, and simple selections like which ship you would like to spawn for example!!

If the General tab doesn't show up, you can simply open the script editor itself instead (I do) and the cheats will be listed there too!!!
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Post by Galaxy613 » Tue, 1. Nov 05, 20:00

PhantomUK wrote:it did'nt work for me! when i go to the ships command console there are no cheats menu!
There is no Cheat Menu, it uses the General Menu. Anyways, make sure you read the Disclaimer carefully. ;)
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Post by Caelistis » Tue, 1. Nov 05, 20:13

Lord Vader,

This rocks! Thanks for making this for us!

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Post by Bareus » Wed, 2. Nov 05, 02:28

I don't get it!

Can you take it step by step.

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Post by 0hscpv » Wed, 2. Nov 05, 11:46


Could not reach your downloadsite. Too many requsts?


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Post by drayton359 » Wed, 2. Nov 05, 11:50

Got the scripted installed but cant see the new commands.

What keys do i need to press to access it as I just cant find them

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Post by Dunners » Wed, 2. Nov 05, 12:29

You may also find that as the MSCI hasnt changed the majority of X2 scripts may well work in X3, but just be carefull and ensure you have saved the game prior to scripting.


Deleted User

Post by Deleted User » Wed, 2. Nov 05, 14:20

What a brilliant thread (and script). I am now the happy owner of an Argon carrier with a small compliment of on board Nova's (they look nasty).

I on my way now to Teladi space for upgrades (and maybe a fight) 8)

Thank you!

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Post by SoulForge » Wed, 2. Nov 05, 23:10

It doesnt work for me i cannot find no new commands/buttons in game

any help plz?

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Post by drayton359 » Wed, 2. Nov 05, 23:18

I had the same problem then it started working, try activating the sctript editor. It started working after i did that

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Post by SoulForge » Thu, 3. Nov 05, 00:07

nope didnt work still not showing up/working even after i started the script editor i unzipped the 2 directories in to the main folder so there in the right place and yes i had to over write the 2 dir's.

Anyone else got any ideas?

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Post by drayton359 » Thu, 3. Nov 05, 00:11

Try running the script


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Post by PapaTong » Thu, 3. Nov 05, 01:16

itworked with saved games for me to get it to work for new games enable the script editor and the select the setup.lv.cheats and press "r" to runit, you shouldthen get the help menu from the actual cheats.

p.s. note to poster...i only did this so i could start as a broke assasin with good relations to races :P

p.s.s. please don't curse or plague me

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Re: X3 Cheat Scripts

Post by Everyones Antihero » Thu, 3. Nov 05, 10:10

LV. wrote: Download THIS rar file and extract it to your main x3 folder.
do you exctract the whole X3_cheats folder to the main folder or the intividual scrips and t's inside to the other folders of the same name?
On starting the game you will have access in your ships command menu to "General" inside here you will find all the cheat scripts shown above.
starting the game? is that a new fresh one or any old savegame.

Mod Note

Command_General 61-48 used
t 446666
do i need to write this somewhere to activate the cheat console? If so where do i put them?


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Post by drayton359 » Thu, 3. Nov 05, 11:37

It should work after a saved game.

Copy the t and script folders to you main x3 directory

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Post by craigww22 » Thu, 3. Nov 05, 13:30

Temptation! DAMN YOU TO HELL! :(

Seriously though, I might use the "add sats" one, but that's all. I hate exploring.

Maybe up my race rep too, just a couple of levels. And add a couple of BPacs to my Buster - hard to find.

See what you made me do?

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Post by drayton359 » Thu, 3. Nov 05, 13:36

Thats it mate, Give in to the dark side, you kow you want to lol

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Post by DemaeRamen » Fri, 4. Nov 05, 01:00

Sorry to be an idiot but how do you enable scripts?
Always welcome! Cheap and filling!

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Post by Burianek » Fri, 4. Nov 05, 01:05

Instructions for enabling the script editor are cleverly concealed in the sticky thread called 'The Script Editor' at the top of the forum. ;)
(sorry, couldn't help it)
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Post by DemaeRamen » Fri, 4. Nov 05, 01:24

I am an idiot but at least I'm sorry.

Mumble mutter.


EDIT: I got it now. Thank you all. I've changed my Goner rank now which was my only real issue in the custom game.

Always welcome! Cheap and filling!

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