mov/00044.xml Decoded (spoken text)

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mov/00044.xml Decoded (spoken text)

Post by AalaarDB » Sat, 17. Dec 05, 13:27

page id=115 title="Senator McCarthy"
page id=119 title="Ban Danna"
page id=126 title="Julian"
page id=127 title="Intro Captain"
page id=128 title="Junior Flight Officer"
page id=129 title="Salik"
page id=148 title="Unseen aide"
page id=149 title="Judge"
page id=518 title="Lihimes Eluleis Gebnduis III"
page id=815 title="Don Marani"
page id=911 title="Saya Kho"
page id=912 title="Noah Gaffelt"
page id=916 title="Ion Battler"
page id=918 title="Narrator"
page id=945 title="Reporter"
page id=946 title="Information Station"
page id=101 title="Argon variation 1"
1 ... 7
page id=107 title="Argon variation 7"
NO 8
page id=109 title="Argon variation 9"
page id=112 title="Argon Border Patrol"
page id=1271 title="Misc"
page id=169 title="Ban Danna COMM"
page id=176 title="Julian COMM"
page id=178 title="Junior Flight Officer COMM"
page id=1810 title="Beginner Tutorial 0"
page id=1811 title="Beginner Tutorial 1"
page id=1812 title="Beginner Tutorial 2"
page id=1813 title="Basic Tutorial 3"
page id=1821 title="Advanced Tutorial (2-1)"
page id=1822 title="Advanced - Multiple ships"
page id=1831 title="Advanced Tutorial 1"
page id=1832 title="Advanced Tutorial 2"
page id=1833 title="Advanced Tutorial 3"
page id=191 title="Gamma Flight Leader COMM"
page id=192 title="Kiman COMM"
page id=193 title="Loka COMM"
page id=194 title="Nia COMM"
page id=196 title="Police2 COMM"
page id=201 title="Boron Variation 1"
1 ... 6
page id=206 title="Boron Variation 6"
page id=212 title="Boron Border Patrol"
page id=301 title="Split Variation 1"
1 ... 6
page id=306 title="Split Variation 6"
page id=307" BLANK
page id=312 title="Split Border Patrol"
page id=365 title="Ore Mine Manager COMM"
page id=401 title="Paranid Variation 1"
1 ... 9
page id=409 title="Paranid Variation 9"
page id=412 title="Paranid Border Patrol"
page id=471 title="Armanckessilon COMM"
page id=472 title="Nolmancketnun COMM"
page id=474 title="Manckammis COMM"
page id=476 title="Emanckolit COMM"
page id=501 title="Teladi Variation 1"
1 ... 7
page id=507 title="Teladi Variation 7"
page id=512 title="Teladi Border Patrol"
page id=568 title="Lihimes Eluleis Gebnduis III COMM"
page id=865 title="Don Marani COMM"
page id=866 title="Miria Marani COMM"
page id=867 title="Jesan COMM"
page id=868 title="Pirate COMM"
page id=870 title="Race Official COMM"
page id=871 title="Race Pilot 1 COMM"
1 ... 7
page id=877 title="Race Pilot 7 COMM"
page id=960 title="Kyle Brennan COMM"
page id=961 title="Saya Kho COMM"
page id=962 title="Noah Gaffelt COMM"
page id=965 title="Thomus Beckitt COMM"
page id=966 title="Ion Battler COMM"
page id=967 title="Dogun COMM"
page id=969 title="Priest COMM"
page id=970 title="Kobach COMM"
page id=971 title="Earth Captain 1 COMM"
page id=972 title="Earth Captain 2 COMM"
page id=979 title="Eagle Flight COMM"
page id=980 title="Argon Pilot COMM"
page id=981 title="Freighter Captain COMM"
page id=982 title="Freighter Captain 2 COMM"
page id=983 title="Captain - Illustrious COMM"
page id=984 title="Captain - Redoubt COMM"
page id=985 title="ASV 105 COMM"
page id=987 title="ASV 187 COMM"
page id=988 title="ASV 444 COMM"
page id=989 title="Argon Captain COMM"
page id=990 title="Police 259 COMM"
page id=992 title="Yaki1 COMM"
page id=993 title="Yaki2 COMM"
page id=994 title="Eagle 2 COMM"
page id=1000 title="Job names"
page id=12 title="Boardcomp. greek"
page id=13 title="Boardcomp. Misc"
page id=17 title="Boardcomp. objects"
page id=1901 title="Text the onboard computer says for the plot"
page id=1951 title="Text the onboard computer says for the plot"
page id=7 title="Boardcomp. Sectornames"
page id=9 title="Boardcomp. letters"
page id=130" Station announcements
page id=1707" Station announcer numbers

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